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Research Project

Female labor supply and fertility in times of demographic change (FemLab)

Current Project| Public Economics, Gender Economics
Research Project

The gender wage gap and the role of policy: Analyzing patterns over time, over the life cycle and across the wage distribution

The gender wage gap is a persistent and pervasive phenomenon observable in virtually all countries. It has strong implications for a society since it is one main driver of inequality in a country. Therefore, there exists an active public debate and an important academic literature that describes and quantifies the gender wage gap, analyses the reasons for this gap and discusses potential policy...

Current Project| Gender Economics, Public Economics
Research Project

Work Incentives, Earnings-Related Subsidies, and Employment in Low-Wage Labor Markets - Empirical Analysis and Policy Simulations for Germany 

The goal of this project is to empirically analyze the work incentive and employment effects of earnings-related subsidies in the presence of high structural unemployment when labor market flexibility is hindered by wage rigidity related to institutional factors, in particular minimum wages and means-tested income support for unemployed people. We specify and estimate a structural microeconometric...

Recurring Project| Public Economics, Gender Economics
3 results, from 1