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Job Offers


Scientists at DIW Berlin are not performing research in an ivory tower, but rather in the heart of Berlin, where political decisions are debated and made. We are looking for scientists who are eager to participate in shaping these decisions in one of our ten research departments. Please note: Information on DIW Berlin's doctoral program - the Graduate Center - is listed under its own heading. For more information on how to apply for scientific positions, including the application procedure or unsolicited applications, please view the FAQs.

Service and Management

As a team or research assistant or employee in the service departments of DIW Berlin, you will be supporting the research of one the largest German economic research institutes. Your responsibilities may include tasks from the Communications, Information Technology, and Management Services Departments.

Student Assistants

While still in school, economics students have the opportunity to contribute to relevant economic research and policy advising at DIW Berlin.

Internships and Apprenticeships

All research departments offer scientific research internships. Please note that for this internship, you must be enrolled at a university – and, at this time – we can only accept students for mandatory internships as part of their curriculum.
Moreover, internships in the service departments are possible as well. Open internships, along with other trainee and apprenticeship positions, are listed below.

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3 results, from 1