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DIW Berlin as an employer

We’re excited that you’re interested in working at DIW Berlin and would like to become a part of our team.

As a non-university affiliated research institute, DIW Berlin e.V. receives grants from the Federal Government and Länder based on an agreement on joint promotion of research pursuant to Article 91b of the Basic Law.

The Collective Agreement for the Public Service (TVöD) governs the working conditions of our scientists and non-scientist colleagues in support and management:

  • 39 hours/week work weeks (full time),
  • Salary determined according to salary class and level,
  • Employees entitled to an annual bonus of between 57% and 85.5% depending on salary class,
  • Company pension scheme with the VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder),
  • 30 vacation days per calendar year.

  • Certified as a family-friendly employer by the audit berufundfamilie since 2011,
  • Work and Family Officer available to all employees as a contact person for family matters,
  • Information portal on the intranet with checklists, links, and data and fact sheets,
  • Flexible work hours (location and duration) with the possibility to work undertime and overtime due to an employer/works council agreement,
  • The possibility to temporarily work from another location (mobile working),
  • Flexible work hours you can adapt to your personal situation and needs.

  • Welcome brochure and welcome talks,
  • Annual performance reviews to improve communication and employees’ professional development,
  • Procedure and criteria for scientists to receive permanent contracts,
  • Regulations for hiring trainees after successful completion of training,
  • In-house training offers: language courses, media and presentation training, etc.,
  • Financing for and paid leave during external training and development opportunities.

  • Employer/works council agreement on promoting gender equality (PDF, 285.58 KB) that states the rights and duties of the Equal Opportunity Officer and her deputy as well as measures for supporting women in the workplace,
  • A plan for the advancement of women with an annual grant,
  • Guidelines for gender-balanced language,
  • Internal “Gender equality and diversity” research group led by the Equal Opportunity Officer,
  • DIWomen: networking event for women working at DIW Berlin held multiple times a year with speeches by women in the fields of business, science, and society,
  • An annual training program geared to the needs of women (including debate training, recognizing potential, body language, and presentation skills).