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Research Data Center for Business and Organizational Data (RDC-BO)

The RDC-BO at DIW Berlin is an archive for business and organizational data. It archives data and offers data sets for secondary analysis. Also the RDC-BO ensures a long-term archiving und sustainable usability of the data. Depending on privacy requirements of the data the data access is possible via download, scientific-use file, remote data processing or onsite use.

Furthermore, the RDC offers information on current research projects and support for data management of business and organizational data.

The RDC-BO was founded at Bielefeld University in 2010. Since 2019, the RDC-BO is an institution of DIW Berlin.

The German Data Forum (RatSWD) has accredited the RDC-BO.

Since July 2016, the RatSWD has established a complaints office. The complaints office offers the possibility to address problems of data provision between data users and the RDCs to the RatSWD.

The compliance form as well as information on procedures can be found on the RatSWD website: Complaints Office




Now available: EU Merger Control Database 1990–2014

The Study Portal offers an overview of current and completed studies in the field of business and organization research at DIW Berlin. Furthermore, the Study Portal offers an overview of archived and accessible studies at the RDC-BO in the field of business and organization research outside DIW Berlin.

EU Merger Control Database: 1990-2014

We collected data on almost the complete population of the merger control decisions by the Directorate-General Competition’s (DG COMP) of the European Commission. We started the data collection with the first year of common European merger control, 1990, and included all years up to 2014. This amounts to 25 years of data on European merger control. With regard to the scope of the decisions, we collected data in all cases where a legal decision document exists. This includes all cases settled in the first phase of an investigation (Art. 6(1)(a), 6(1)(b), 6(1)(c) and 6(2)) and all cases decided in the second phase of an investigation (Art. 8(1), 8(2), and 8(3)). Note that this also includes all cases settled under a ‘simplified procedure’, provided that a legal decision document exists. Furthermore, we also intended to collect data on cases that were either referred back to member states by DG COMP or aborted by the merging parties. While we have collected some data on such cases, data on these cases is not always available. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the final dataset covers all of these cases. The level of observation is not a particular merger case but a particular product/geographic market combination concerned by a merger. In total, the final dataset contains 5,196 DG COMP merger decisions. For each of this decision, we record a number of observations equal to the number of product/geographic markets identified in the specific transaction. Hence, the total dataset contains 31,451 observations.

Overview - EU Merger Control Database: 1990-2014 (PDF, 10.7 KB)

Data - EU Merger Control Database (CSV, 9.46 MB)

DIW Data Publication EU Merger Control Database: 1990-2014 (PDF, 0.87 MB)

Variable Description - EU Merger Control Database: 1990-2014 (PDF, 9.81 KB)