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David Kasprowski has successfully defended his dissertation

Personnel news of April 23, 2024

On April 10, David Kasprowski successfully completed his dissertation entitled "'Queering' Social Class. On the connection between sexual orientation, gender identity and social class" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

David submitted and defended the dissertation as part of the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS).

The committee consisted of Ellen Heidinger (SOEP and BGSS), Prof. Dr. Dr. Anette Fasang, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Fischer, Dr. Diederik Boertien (CED Barclona) and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Zippel (FU Berlin).

David’s exploration using quantitative methods is groundbreaking and vital. So, congratulations on the successful defense to David!

The reviewers Prof. Dr. Mirjam Fischer (left) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Anette Fasang (right, both HU) at the disputation of David Kasprowski (in the center). Photo Rights: DIW