In addition to offering SOEP users the standard Scientific Use File (on DVD), a special mode of online access (via SOEPremote), and advice over the SOEPhotline, we also provide the opportunity to conduct research during a stay in the SOEP Department at DIW Berlin. Direct discussion with SOEP team members and our user-friendly environment provide fruitful input and support, enabling visiting scholars to work effectively on research projects and bring them to successful completion. For the use of small-scale coded geodata, a research stay at the SOEP Data Research Center located at DIW Berlin is required unconditionally. SOEP also provides research stays to address special research questions and topics. Furthermore, a research visit to SOEP's field organization, TNS Infratest Sozialforschung, is also possible in principle.

In recent years, SOEP's data users have been taking advantage of our services in Berlin to an increasing degree, and the demand for visiting scholar posts is constantly rising. In order to continue providing the accustomed level and quality of service, SOEP is now offering research stays in the improved framework of our new guest and internship program, "SOEP-in-residence."

In the following, you will find an overview of the different possibilities to spend time at SOEP as a visiting scholar. Two special programs of support for young scholars are also described in detail at the end.

Research conditions

Every visiting researcher is provided with a workspace, data access and computer resources, an Internet and telephone connection, as well as office supplies. Visiting researchers can-and should-take part in events at the institute. In the SOEP department, for example, there is a weekly "Coffee Break" for informal networking and discussion, and there are several Brown Bag Seminars each month.

We are very pleased when the results of a research stay lead to a paper that can be published in our discussion paper series, "SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research."
The DIW Berlin Discussion Paper Series also offers a possible venue for papers planned for publishing in an SSCI/SCI-listed journal.