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Prof. Dr. Lukas Menkhoff

Prof. Dr. Lukas Menkhoff

Head of Department of the

International Economics Department


+49 30 89789 - 435
Research Topics and Working Areas

Lukas Menkhoff is the Head of the Department of International Economics at DIW Berlin, Professor of Economics at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and member of the finance group at HU Berlin. His research focus is on International Finance and Financial Development.

Previously, Lukas Menkhoff served as a professor at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (joint appointment with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy), the Leibniz University of Hannover, and the RWTH Aachen University. His papers have been published in the Journal of Economic Literature, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies, the AEJ: Macroeconomics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Public Economics, and the Journal of International Economics, among others.

Selected Publikations/Working Papers:

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DIW Wochenbericht 38 / 2021

Ökonomische Bildung in Schulen — aktuell in Deutschland ein Flickenteppich: Interview

2021| Lukas Menkhoff, Erich Wittenberg
DIW Weekly Report 31 / 2021

Restrictive US Trade Policy Has a Significantly Negative Effect on Financial Markets

2021| Lukas Boer, Lukas Menkhoff, Malte Rieth
DIW Wochenbericht 31 / 2021

Restriktive US-Handelspolitik wirkt signifikant negativ auf Finanzmärkte

2021| Lukas Boer, Lukas Menkhoff, Malte Rieth
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Effect of Personalized Feedback on Small Enterprises’ Finances in Uganda

In: Economic Development and Cultural Change (2021), im Ersch. | Lukas Menkhoff, Antonia Grohmann, Helke Seitz
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Risky Asset Holdings During Covid-19 and their Distributional Impact: Evidence from Germany

In: The Review of Income and Wealth (2021), im Ersch. [online first: 2021-10-23] | Lukas Menkhoff, Carsten Schröder
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Mobile Money, Financial Inclusion, and Unmet Opportunities: Evidence from Uganda

In: Journal of Development Studies (2022), im Ersch. [online first: 2021-11-01] | Jana S. Hamdan, Katharina Lehmann-Uschner, Lukas Menkhoff
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Effectiveness of FX Interventions: A Meta-Analysis

In: Journal of Financial Stability (2022), im Ersch. [online first: 2020-10-07] | Lucía Arango-Lozano, Lukas Menkhoff, Daniela Rodríguez-Novoa, Mauricio Villamizar-Villegas
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Dynamic Impact of FX Interventions on Financial Markets

In: The Review of Economics and Statistics 103 (2021), 5, S. 939–953 | Lukas Menkhoff, Malte Rieth, Tobias Stöhr




Lukas Menkhoff
[Online], 25.10.2021
| Chancen und Herausforderungen der ökonomischen Bildung in Zeiten der Digitalisierung: DIW Lecture on Money and Finance (Online-Event)

Online Discussion

Lukas Menkhoff
[Online], 21.10.2021
| Financial Literacy: Shaping the Future of the Field (Connecting to Reimagine), Online

Einführung und Vorstellung des DIW-Vierteljahrsheft 1/2021 "Finanzielle Bildung: Was soll die Politik tun?"

Doris Neuberger, Lukas Menkhoff
[Online], 31.05.2021
| Covid-19 und private Überschuldung - welche Rolle spielt die finanzielle Bildung?: DIW Lecture on Money and Finance (Online-Event)

Does Financial Education Impact Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior, and if So, When?

Lukas Menkhoff
[Online], 22.02.2021 - 26.02.2021
| JVI Course on Financial Education, ÖNB [online]

Sturmfeste Finanzbranche: Offshore-Dienstleistungen wohl vornehmlich von außerhalb gebucht

Jakob Miethe, Lukas Menkhoff
[Online], 03.12.2020
| Bundesministerium für Finanzen: online

Research Projects

Research Project

Examining individualized feedback on financial behavior of small entrepreneurs in Uganda

Current Project| International Economics
Research Project

New examinations about the impact of foreign exchange interventions

Current Project| International Economics