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DIW Research Team "Resource Markets" visits Cooperation Partner in Trondheim (Norway)

Report of May 29, 2013

Members of the research group "Resource markets and policies" strengthened their cooperation with the Technical University of Norway (NTNU) in Trondheim with a visit in May 2013. Dr. Franziska Holz, Daniel Huppmann and Philipp M. Richter are researchers i.a. in the project RESOURCES and study the interactions of fossil energy resource markets and climate policies. One major focus of their work is the numerical modeling of resource markets. In the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (IOT) at NTNU several researchers develop similar models and solution algorithms. During their stay in Trondheim, the DIW researchers worked on the improvement of a multi-sector model in order to analyze carbon leakage in energy and goods markets.


Philipp Richter, Dr. Franziska Holz, Daniel Huppmann, Dr. Ruud Egging
Photo: © DIW Berlin


Latest joint publications:

Egging and Huppmann (2012): Investigating a CO2 Tax and a Nuclear Phase Out with a Multi-Fuel Market Equilibrium Model

Holz, Richter and Egging (2013): The Role of Natural Gas in a Low-Carbon Europe: Infrastructure and Regional Supply Security in the Global Gas Model