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European Gas Infrastructure

Completed Project

Project Period

April 1 - June 30, 2014

Commissioned by

The Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament

DIW Berlin investigated the role of the Russian natural gas company Gazprom in the European natural gas market for The Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament. One focus of the study was the importance of Gazprom in European infrastructure (pipelines, storage, LNG harbors) as well as in subsidiaries in the European Member States. The qualitative analysis was complemented by model runs with the Global Gas Model to quantify the impacts of a possible disruption of Russian natural gas supplies to Europe.


Holz, F., Engerer, H., Kemfert, C., Richter, P., von Hirschhausen, C. (2014): European Natural Gas Infrastructure: The Role of Gazprom in European Natural Gas Supplies. DIW Berlin. Politikberatung kompakt 81 (PDF, 1.66 MB)

Holz, F., Richter, P. (2014): All Quiet on the Eastern Front? Disruption Scenarios of Russian Natural Gas Supply to Europe. Discussion Paper 1383 (PDF, 0.84 MB)

Engerer, H., Holz, F., Richter, P., von Hirschhausen, C., Kemfert, C. (2014): European Natural Gas Supply Secure Despite Political Crises. DIW Berlin. Economic Bulletin 8 (PDF, 471.85 KB)

DIW Team