Vierteljahrsheft zur Wirtschaftsforschung: Debt – Blessing or Curse?

Report of March 25, 2020

Since the 1980s, especially in the new millenium, the issue of debt is increasingly the focus of political debates, as an analysis of parliamentary speeches since 1949 shows. More than ten years after the outbreak of the great financial crisis and almost ten years since the beginning of the European sovereignty debt crisis, there are not just questions about the opportunities and risks of debt but also ongoing debates about debt brakes. That's why the topic of the Vierteljahrsheft 2020, 1 is: Debt – Blessing or Curse?

Editors: Peter Hennecke, Doris Neuberger und Dorothea Schäfer.

Content 1/2020:

Peter Hennecke, Doris Neuberger, Dorothea Schäfer
Debt – Blessing or Curse? Editorial

Gabriella Chiesa
Sovereign Debt, the Blessing Aspects and the Implications for the Euro Area

Philipp Glinka, Thomas Lenk, Christian Bender
The German Debt Brake: Approaches for an Improvement of the Technical Design

Korkut Alp Ertürk, Jake Jennings
Debt and Financial Sentiment: Early Keynes on Balance Sheet Effects of Asset Price Changes

Giovanni Ferri, Valerio Pesic
The Spillover Effects of Prudential Regulation on Banking Competition

Damon Gibbons
Unsustainable Household Debt: Problems of Measurement

Doris Neuberger, Udo Reifner
Systemic Usury and the European Consumer Credit Directive

Dorothea Schäfer

Research Director Financial Markets in the Macroeconomics Department