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Heterogeneous Mortality - Empirical Analyzes based on the SOEP

Current Project

Project Management

Peter Haan

Project Period

March 1 - September 30, 2021

Commissioned by

Sozialverband VDK Deutschland e.V.

The aim of the project is the empirical investigation of the differential life expectancy of different socio-economic groups. In particular, it will be analyzed whether there are systematic differences in life expectancy according to occupation, industry or position in the occupation. The study will also work out the heterogeneous effects within the groups according to different individual characteristics (gender, education, health and income). The analyzes are based on representative survey data from the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP). The influencing factors mentioned are all closely linked, so that it is not possible to estimate causal effects on life expectancy or to estimate the effect of individual dimensions in isolation. However, the descriptive analysis of the heterogeneity of life expectancy makes it possible to quantify differences in life expectancy for a number of population groups. These results are important for the socio-political discussion, in particular for reforms of the pension system, since people with different life expectancies are affected differently by reforms and, as a result, the distributional effects differ across groups. Another research question is whether the life expectancy of members and non-members of the German Pension Insurance will continue to diverge.

DIW Team