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Model-based analyses for the electricity sector design to favor the integration of renewable energies in the energy transformation (MASMIE)

Completed Project

Project Management

Claudia Kemfert

Project Period

January 1, 2012 - May 31, 2016

Commissioned by

Stiftung Mercator

In Cooperation With

TU Berlin
DIW Econ GmbH

Germany’s energy transformation that aims to transform the current energy mix towards an energy portfolio with higher renewable energy share has an effect on power plants, the transmission grid, and the power storage. This requires a new approach for the assessment of the electricity market design through techno-economic modeling as a basis for policy and management decisions. The project aims to analyze the impact of a significantly increased expansion and improved, demand-oriented use of renewable energy on the electricity market, the electricity trade, power plants and power grids. There will be newly developed simulation models for the electricity sector which will be subsequently linked.
In the research, technical options are often isolated and reviewed without considering the necessary policies for their implementation . In contrast, the project MASMIE simulates the linkages between electricity transmission capacity markets, reserve power, electricity, wholesale products and renewable energy generation capacity in a detailed picture. The aims of these models are to analyze markets, to develop scenarios and to develop policy recommendations. The interactions of various policies will be explicitly quantified to identify a balanced policy mix.

DIW Team

  • to simulate and analyze impacts on the electricity market on the basis of quantifiable and simulate methods and models; to develop scenarios, which can be used as reference for the successful implementation of the energy transition,
  • to promptly provide policy recommendations for the design of an intelligent energy systems,
  • to closely interlink with other researchers in order to discuss present scenarios, policy recommendations, and research results within workshops and conferences.

  • Berlin Conference on Energy and Electricity Economics (BELEC 2016)
    Towards a Lower Carbon Energy System in Germany, Europe, and world-wide - Market Design, Technologies, and Business Models
    DIW Berlin, October 13, 2016
  • Berlin Conference on Energy and Electricity Economics (BELEC 2015)
    Cross-border Cooperations for Sustainable Energy Security - Theory and Policy Lessons from Different Sectors
    DIW Berlin, May28-29, 2015
  • Berlin Conference on Electricity Economics (BELEC 2013)
    Modellieren für die Energiewende - Deutschland, Europa und darüber hinaus
    DIW Berlin, 10. Oktober 2013
  • Workshop III:
    Grid Expansion in Germany and the neighboring Countries
    DIW Berlin, April 5, 2013
  • Workshop II:
    Prospective Electricity Generation Costs until 2050
    DIW Berlin, March 8, 2013
  • Workshop I:
    Modeling (for) the Energy Transformation
    DIW Berlin, 12. Oktober 2012
  • MASMIE kickoff - internal Workshop
    MASMIE Kick-off agenda (PDF, 157.81 KB)
    DIW Berlin, 19. März 2012