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Response to 13 concerns relating to a renewable energy pool

Report of July 5, 2023

The conversion of electricity generation to renewable energies such as wind and solar is the most important building block for a climate-neutral economy and Germany's independence from energy imports. The energy crisis in the wake of the war in Ukraine shows that an acceleration of the energy transition is urgently needed. "Contracts for Differences" (CfDs) can be an effective means of promoting the expansion of renewable energies. By pooling these contracts in a "renewable energy pool" (EE pool), the attractive conditions can be passed on to end customers. Customers then benefit not only from the low electricity production costs of wind and solar, but also from the predictability of electricity prices and supply volumes.

In the following, we would like to address some questions that still need to be clarified in the public debate regarding the design of such a pool.

Jörn C. Richstein
Jörn C. Richstein

Senior Research Associate / Thematic Lead Electricity Markets in the Climate Policy Department