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  • Louise Biddle

    Louise Biddle

    Louise Biddle joined the Socio-economic Panel (SOEP) in 2023 as a post-doctoral researcher on the project SUARE (Longitudinal study on refugees from Ukraine in Germany), focusing on aspects of discrimination and health. She holds an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD in Public Health from Bielefeld University. Her research focuses on the social...

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Maximilian Blesch

    Maximilian Blesch

    Ph.D. Student Public Economics
  • Karina Böhm

    Karina Böhm

    Karina Böhm has been employed as a research manager at DIW Berlin since September 2023. She gained her long-standing professional experience in science management at Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS) and Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Karina Böhm has a background in Communication and Media Studies, Educational Science and Psychology (Leipzig University and...

    Research Manager Macroeconomics
  • Sandra Bohmann

    Sandra Bohmann

    Sandra Bohmann is a research associate at the SOEP.

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Temulun Borjigen

    Temulun Borjigen

    Temulun is a Ph.D. candidate at Berlin School of Economics and DIW GC. Her research interest is in the field of empirical industrial organization, with a focus on health economics. She obtained her Master's degree in Economics and Finance from the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI). Temulun is also affiliated with the University of Copenhagen as a research assistant.

    Ph.D. Student Firms and Markets; Scholarship Recipient
  • Person

    Deborah Anne Bowen

    Member of Research Infrastructure German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Wassim Brahim

    Wassim Brahim

    Wassim is a PhD candidate at the DIW Graduate center. His primary interest within the realm of energy economics centers around the hydrogen market, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic interplay between the EU and North Africa. Additionally, he is deeply passionate about exploring strategies for the widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions in the global south to expedite the global...

    Ph.D. Student Graduate Center
  • Nina Maria Brehl

    Nina Maria Brehl

    Nina joined the Graduate Center in October 2023 and plans to pursue her doctorate in the DIW's Macroeconomics Department. She has a background in development economics and prior experience in start-up and scale-up project management. She completed her master’s degree in the Netherlands with a thesis on the consistency of European sanction regimes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her research interests...

    Ph.D. Student Graduate Center
  • Janina Britzke

    Janina Britzke

    Janina Britzke has been supporting the SOEP team (non scientific) since 2011 and is currently working in the area of knowledge transfer. The sociologist studied at the University of Leipzig and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and focuses in particular on the topics of organization, coordination and communication at SOEP. She has completed further training in scientific documentation and event...

    Staff Member of the Division Knowledge Transfer German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Rebecca Buhner

    Rebecca Buhner

    Rebecca Buhner has been working at DIW Berlin since November 2017. She completed a master's in translation studies at the Universität Heidelberg.

    Translator Communications
  • Theresa Bührle

    Theresa Bührle

    Theresa Bührle is a research associate in the Public Economics Department. She studied business administration at the University of Mannheim and received her doctorate in taxation in 2022. In her research, she uses empirical methods to examine the economic effects of tax policy, with a focus on innovation and loss offset. A second focus is on tax planning and distribution effects in the context of...

    Research Associate Public Economics
  • Person

    Katja Buro

    Librarian IT and Research Infrastructure
  • Hermann Buslei

    Hermann Buslei

    Hermann Buslei studied economics at the universities of Munich, Cologne and Bonn. After graduating (Diplom-Volkswirt), he worked as a research associate at empirica, Bonn, a private research and consulting institute (Jan. 1991-Aug. 1994). He interrupted this work for a study with Prof. Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Building and Urban Development. From...

    Research Associate Public Economics
  • Adriana Cardozo Silva

    Adriana Cardozo Silva

    Dr. Adriana R. Cardozo Silva has been working as a postdoctoral researcher at SOEP since October 2021 as part of the project "Refugee Families in Germany" (GeFam2). Currently, her research focuses on the integration of migrants and refugees in Germany, in particular their integration into the into the labor market. Previously, Ms. Cardozo conducted research on the economic and social impacts of...

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Daniela Centemero

    Daniela Centemero

    Daniela Centemero has been working as a research manager at SOEP since June 2024 and was previously responsible for the selection process in the doctoral program at the DIW Graduate Center since 2015. She studied social sciences at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the University of Tampere, Finland.

    Research Manager German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Sonali Chowdhry

    Sonali Chowdhry

    Dr. Sonali Chowdhry is Research Associate in the Department Firms and Markets. She is an economist specialising in international trade and firm heterogeneity. Her research examines the reallocation effects of trade policy shocks using detailed firm-level customs databases. Alongside academic research, Sonali has contributed to numerous policy studies on mega-regional trade agreements and served as...

    Research Associate Firms and Markets
  • Claudia Cohnen-Beck

    Claudia Cohnen-Beck

    Claudia Cohnen-Beck has been editor at DIW Berlin since July 2017 and is responsible for the DIW Weekly Report and DIW aktuell as well as for press inquiries, guest comments and statements. Since April 2021 she has been a member of the DIW Weekly Report editorial board. Previously, she was editor at several daily newspapers.

    Press Officer Communications
  • Carina Cornesse

    Carina Cornesse

    Dr. Carina Cornesse is Head of the Innovation Sample as well as the Social Cohesion Panel (SOEP-related study ZHP-FGZ) at the SOEP. She conducts research on data quality and innovative data collection techniques in surveys. Her research focuses on the recruitment and maintenance of panel studies, the benefits and limitations of probability-based and nonprobability samples, the application of mixed...

    Head of SOEP Innovation Sample & Social Cohesion Panel German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Astrid Cullmann

    Astrid Cullmann

    Astrid Cullmann is senior researcher in the Department Energy, Transportation, and Environment. Her research deals with productivity and regulation of public sector firms. She focuses on municipal state-owned firms in the energy and water sector. Astrid is also Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Econometrics and Business Statistics at TU Berlin. She studied Economics at Free University Berlin and...

    Research Associate Energy, Transportation, Environment
  • Philippa Cumming

    Philippa Cumming

    Research Associate German Socio-Economic Panel study
273 results, from 21