People at DIW Berlin

DIW Berlin currently employs 139 salaried researchers and 162 non-researchers, in addition to research directors and professors, research affiliates, doctoral students, graduate students, and interns (as of 31 December 2013).
The following pages contain an alphabetical list of all employees. For more information on the Graduate Center, please click on the respective heading.

DIW Berlin has a total of 334 employees. 139 of these work as researchers in one of the nine research departments and 97 support the researchers as team assistants or in one of the three service departments.

Stipendiaries/Doctoral Students
Every year, the research departments of DIW Berlin give many young university graduates the possibility to obtain their doctorates all the while gaining experience in research that is internationally recognized and renowned for its academic excellence. Access to the doctoral program is granted by the Graduate Center. For more information, please click on the heading "Graduate Center."

Research Directors
Research directors fulfill cross-sector tasks, such as the coordination of research and the compilation of publications. In close cooperation with one of the research departments, they develop positions for empirical economic and social political consulting. They coordinate the research work and develop new and methodical focus topics. Further tasks pertain to the continuing education and supervision of scientists.

Research Professors
As external researchers, research professors work in close cooperation with a research department of DIW Berlin on tasks pertaining to research, political advising, and continuing education.

Research Affiliates
Research affiliates are external researchers who work in close cooperation with one or more research departments of DIW Berlin.

Guests are researchers who work at DIW Berlin on certain projects or for a specified period of time and who support our work.