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Welcome to the DIW Graduate Center

The DIW Graduate Center offers a top-class economic doctoral program in Berlin, an exciting city for graduate studies. Every year, many young and promising economic researchers from around the world are attracted by our well-designed program, our internationally renowned faculty, and our partnerships with some of the best research institutions and universities in Germany.

Our program is guided by excellence and relevance. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible doctoral training according to international standards and to paving the way for their careers in academic research and policy advice. We are proud to see our graduates work in world-class universities like Erasmus University Rotterdam, London School of Economics, and University College London as well as in policy institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, German Federal Ministries and the European Central Bank. Explore our website to learn more about our program. For any inquiries, we are happy to help you.


What our students and alumni say about their experience at the DIW Graduate Center

„The GC provided me with an excellent start to a career in applied research and a group of peers who have become friends for life.“ Anne Schopp defended her thesis in 2014.

„The exchange with fellow PhD students helped me a lot doing research. The Graduate Center brings together young researchers with a variety of research interests.“ Johanna Storck defended her thesis in 2012

„I chose the Graduate Center because of its strength in applied research. The program has provided me with structured academic training, intensive supervision, and the opportunity for fruitful cooperation with colleagues. As a graduate, I have been well-prepared to join the international research community.“ Aleksandar Zaklan defended his thesis in 2012

„The GC was of great support with its course program, Masterclasses, soft-skill workshops and its inspiring atmosphere. At the same time, I had all the liberty I needed to pursue my research. The GC provides a perfect mix of structured PhD program and self-directed research.“ Jan Marcus defended his thesis in 2013

„The most important take-away from my time in the DIW Graduate Center is - besides the excellent training in economics - the professional network that I could build up.“ Andreas Schröder defended his thesis in 2013

„The DIW is part of Berlin's big research community. The exchange with PhD students and senior researchers with similar research interests really helped sharpen my research profile.“ Nils Saniter defended his thesis in July 2014

„For me the GC provided the perfect combination of continuous training and self-determined research. With the integration into the SOEP department from the second year onwards, I enjoyed an excellent network of researchers and easy data access.“ Sarah Dahmann defended her thesis in 2016

„I joined the DIW Graduate Center because it is the perfect place to exchange ideas and work with many excellent researchers.“ Andreas Thiemann defended his thesis in 2016