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    Comparison of the Environmental Impacts of Heating Systems in Chile by Life Cycle Assessment

    The present study conducts a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to evaluate the environmental impacts of heating technologies commonly used in Chile based on six environmental indicators: Climate Change (CC), Human Toxicity (HT), Formation of Particulate Matter (PM), Formation of Photochemical Oxidants (PO), Ozone Destruction (OD), and Water Depletion (WD). Due to the extensive length of the territory studied, ...

    In: Cleaner Environmental Systems 13 (2024), 100192, 13 S. | Adrián-Enrique Ortiz-Rojas, Ismaela Magliotto-Quevedo, Leonardo Guerra, Carlos Gaete-Morales, Paula Guerra, Camila Mery-Araya
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    Patience, Risk-Taking, and Human Capital Investment Across Countries

    Patience and risk-taking—two preference components that steer intertemporal decision-making—are fundamental to human capital investment decisions. To understand how they contribute to international skill differences, we combine Programme for International Student Assessment tests with the Global Preference Survey. We find that opposing effects of patience (positive) and risk-taking (negative) together ...

    In: The Economic Journal 132 (2024), 646, S. 2290–2307 | Eric A. Hanushek, Lavinia Kinne, Philipp Lergetporer, Ludger Woessmann
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    Rising Allowances, Rising Rates — Can Growth Arise through Business Income Tax Reform despite Government Debt Limit?

    The system of business income taxation consists of two instruments, namely a statutory tax rate and a depreciation allowance on investment. We will show in this paper that by acting on both instruments simultaneously it is possible to achieve both a growth and a fiscal net revenue target even in cases when a trade-off prevails when each instrument is used individually.As will be shown in the paper, ...

    In: Journal of Macroeconomics 81 (2024), 103606, 20 S. | Marius Clemens, Werner Röger
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    The Elephant in the Room: How Do We Regulate Gas Transportation Infrastructure As Gas Demand Declines? Commenary

    The use of gas will decline dramatically as part of the transition to net zero. Modeling at European levelsshows that by 2050 about 70% less gaseous fuels will be used. Significant regulatory reform is needed todeal with the impacts of this decline on the gas grid.

    In: One Earth (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-06-24] | Jan Rosenow, Richard Lowes, Claudia Kemfert
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    Validating an Index of Selection Bias for Proportions in Non-probability Samples

    In: International Statistical Review (2024), im Ersch. | Angelina Hammon, Sabine Zinn
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    Measuring Expenditure with a Mobile App: Do Probability-Based and Nonprobability Panels Differ?

    In this case study, we examine a novel aspect of data collected in a typical probability and a typical nonprobability panel: mobile app data. The data were collected in Great Britain in 2018, using the Innovation Panel of the UK Household Longitudinal Study and the Lightspeed online access panel. Respondents in each panel were invited to participate in a month-long study, reporting all their daily ...

    In: Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-06-25] | Annette Jäckle, Carina Cornesse, Alexander Wenz, Mick P. Couper
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    Who Is AI Replacing? The Impact of Generative AI on Online Freelancing Platforms

    In: Management Science (2024), im Ersch. | Jonas Hannane, Ozge Demirci, Xinrong Zhu
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    Power Sector Effects of Alternative Options for De-fossilizing Heavy-duty Vehicles - Go Electric, and Charge Smartly

    Various options are discussed to de-fossilize heavy-duty vehicles, including battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), electric road systems (ERS), and indirect electrification via hydrogen fuel cells or e-fuels. We investigate their power sector implications in future scenarios of Germany, with high renewable energy shares, using an open- source capacity expansion model and route-based truck traffic data. ...

    In: Cell Reports Sustainability [im Ersch.], 100123 | Carlos Gaete-Morales, Julius Jöhrens, Florian Heining, Wolf-Peter Schill
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    Socioeconomic Inequalities in Pandemic-induced Psychosocial Stress in Different Life Domains among the Working-Age Population

    Background Psychosocial stress is considered a risk factor for physical and mental ill-health. Evidence on socioeconomic inequalities with regard to the psychosocial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany is still limited. We aimed to investigate how pandemic-induced psychosocial stress (PIPS) in different life domains differed between socioeconomic groups.MethodsData came from the German ...

    In: BMC Public Health 24 (2024), 1421, 11 S. | Florian Beese, Benjamin Wachtler, Markus M. Grabka, Miriam Blume, Christina Kersjes, Robert Gutu, Elvira Mauz, Jens Hoebel
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    Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Energy Access: Lessons from the Global South

    Under the banner of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7), governments, industry, and civil society organisations have supported many energy access projects since 2015. Notably, funding and investments allotted to renewable energy are regarded not only to provide ‘energy for all’ but also support the delivery of other SDGs related to climate change, food security, health, and poverty ...

    In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 199 (2024), 114457, 15 S. | Angela Mae Minas, Samira García-Freites, Christopher Walsh, Velma Mukoro, Jhud Mikhail Aberilla, Amanda April, Jaise Kuriakose, Carlos Gaete-Morales, Alejandro Gallego-Schmid, Sarah Mander
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    Ampel-Monitor Energiewende: ambitionierte Ziele, aber zu geringe Dynamik

    The German “traffic light” (Ampel) coalition has set ambitious new energy transition targets. Using an open data tool developed at DIW Berlin, we discuss the progress and challenges of selected indicators. Since the government took over, photovoltaic capacity increased by 45 % to 87 GW by April 2024, with a planned doubling by 2030. However, onshore wind power grew by only 11 % to 62 GW. The installation ...

    In: Wirtschaftsdienst 104 (2024), 6, S. 427–430 | Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Roth, Adeline Guéret, Felix Schmidt
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    Renewable Energy and Equilibrium Hedging in Electricity Forward Markets

    We study the impact of renewable energy on forward markets for electricity. Previous literature shows that forward prices are determined by time-varying demand and volatile spot prices. We introduce supply risk from renewable generation and find that stochastic renewable output mitigates income risk for generating firms, in particular when negative shocks to renewable output have large positive price ...

    In: The Energy Journal (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-06-03] | Sebastian Schwenen, Karsten Neuhoff
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    Provider Effects in Antibiotic Prescribing: Evidence from Physician Exits

    In the fight against antibiotic resistance, reducing antibiotic consumption while preserving healthcare quality presents a critical health policy challenge. We investigate the role of practice styles in patients’ antibiotic intake using exogenous variation in patient-physician assignment. Practice style heterogeneity explains 49% of the differences in overall antibiotic use and 83% of the differences ...

    In: Journal of Human Resources (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-05-08] | Shan Huang, Hannes Ullrich
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    Complementarities between Algorithmic and Human Decision-making: The Case of Antibiotic Prescribing

    In: Quantitative Marketing and Economics (2024), im Ersch. | Michael Allan Ribers, Hannes Ullrich
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    Individual Differences in Short-term Social Dynamics: Theoretical Perspective and Empirical Development of the Social Dynamics Scale

    People have a need to form and maintain fulfilling social contact, yet they differ with respect to with whom they satisfy the need and how quickly this need is deprived or overly satiated. These social dynamics across relationships and across time are theoretically delineated in the current article. Furthermore, we developed a questionnaire to measure individual differences in three aspects of such ...

    In: Current Psychology (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-04-05] | Cornelia Wrzus, Yannick Roos, Michael D. Krämer, David Richter
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    Earn More Tomorrow: Overconfidence, Income Expectations, and Consumer Indebtedness

    This paper examines whether biased income expectations due to overconfidence lead to higher levels of debt taking. We show suggestive evidence for a link between overconfidence and borrowing behavior in a representative survey of German households (German Socio-Economic Panel–Innovation Sample [GSOEP-IS]). This motivates a laboratory experiment to study causality behind these effects. In two experiments, ...

    In: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-05-24] | Antonia Grohmann, Lukas Menkhoff, Christoph Merkle, Renke Schmacker
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    Bridging Distance: Transnational and Local Family Ties in Refugees’ Social Support Networks

    This study examines the familial ties in the social support network of refugees in Germany. Itinvestigates whether distance to family plays a role in the provision of emotional and informationalsupport and how this relationship is moderated by social network services (SNS). Usingdata from the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees (N¼5237), the paper provides evidence for afamily-centred network. Increasing ...

    In: Journal of Refugee Studies (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-05-25] | Ellen Heidinger
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    Crowding of International Mutual Funds

    We study the relationship between crowding and performance in the active mutual fund industry. Using the equity holdings overlap of 17,364 global funds, we find that funds that crowd into the same stocks underperform passive benchmark funds by 1.4% per year. The negative returns to crowding can at least in part be explained by excess demand for liquidity and the associated discount for holding liquid ...

    In: Journal of Banking & Finance 164 (2024), 107202, 17 S. | Tanja Artiga Gonzalez, Teodor Dyakov, Justus Inhoffen, Evert Wipplinger
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    Response Quality in Nonprobability and Probability-based Online Panels

    Recent years have seen a growing number of studies investigating the accuracy of nonprobability online panels; however, response quality in nonprobability online panels has not yet received much attention. To fill this gap, we investigate response quality in a comprehensive study of seven nonprobability online panels and three probability-based online panels with identical fieldwork periods and questionnaires ...

    In: Sociological Methods & Research 52 (2023), 2, . 879–908 | Carina Cornesse, Annelies G. Blom
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    Experimental Evidence on Panel Conditioning Effects when Increasing the Surveying Frequency in a Probability-Based Online Panel

    We investigate panel conditioning effects in a long-running probability-based online panel of the general population through a large-scale experiment conducted in 2020. Our experiment was specifically designed to study the effect of intensifying the surveying frequency for the treatment group (N = 5,598 panel members) during a 16-week corona study while keeping the control group (N = 799 panel members) ...

    In: Survey Research Methods 17 (2023), 3, S. 323-339 | Carina Cornesse, Annelies Blom, Marie-Lou Sohnius, Marisabel Gonzalez Ocanto, Tobias Rettig, Marina Ungefucht
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