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18. Oktober 2018

Graduate Center Courses

Empirical Macroeconomics


18. Oktober 2018


Dieter Nautz (FU Berlin), Mathias Trabandt (FU Berlin)

This seminar is geared toward students who are at the beginning of their second or third year. The seminar aims to help students kick-starting their first research project respectively first research paper. The seminar offers students a forum to present and discuss their first own research project. Presentation of early stage research projects or research ideas is encouraged. Extensive feedback will be provided. Active participation in all weekly meetings is mandatory. Students who wish to obtain ECTS credits are required to write a research paper about the topic of their presentation. After grading the research paper, students will receive feedback from Prof. Nautz and Prof. Trabandt about the research paper and recommendations on how to proceed with their research agenda towards their dissertation.

Venue: Garystr. 21, Room 108a