Publikationen des Projekts: Langfristige Planung und kurzfristige Optimierung des Elektrizitätssystems in Deutschland im europäischen Kontext (LKD-EU)

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Quo Vadis? (Un)Scheduled Electricity Flows under Market Splitting and Network Extension in Central Europe

The increasing role of intermittent renewable generation demands for an efficient spatial exchange of electricity. However, the technical characteristics of electricity transmission reduce the available cross-border capacity due to unscheduled flows in a zonal pricing framework. Using the detailed unit commitment and dispatch model stELMOD for the European system, we analyze the development of unscheduled ...

In: Energy Policy 116 (2018), S. 198-209 | Friedrich Kunz
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Generation Expansion Planning under Uncertainty: An Application of Stochastic Methods to the German Electricity System

Renewable energies are expected to be the main electricity generation source. However, the variability of renewable energy supply poses challenges to the generation expansion modelling as uncertainty of hourly generation need to be adequately taken into account. This paper analyzes the implications of different approaches to optimization under uncertainty, ranging from stochastic to robust optimization. ...

In: 14th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
Stockholm : EEM
7 S.
| Mario Kendziorski, Mona Setje-Eilers, Friedrich Kunz
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