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Publikationen des Projekts: Vermögensverteilung in der Schweiz und Deutschland

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    Early Retirement as a Privilege for the Rich? A Comparative Analysis of Germany and Switzerland

    This contribution analyses early retirement in Germany and Switzerland with a focus on financial resources. Using data from CH-SILC linked to administrative records and the German SOEP, we distinguish three different financial resources: namely, pre-retirement labour income, net worth and pension entitlements. High labour income reduces the probability for early retirement. In contrast, high pension ...

    In: Advances in Life Course Research 47 (2021), 100392, 10 S. | Ursina Kuhn, Markus M. Grabka, Christian Suter
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    Homeownership and Wealth in Switzerland and Germany

    Property wealth represents the most important wealth component in nearly all OECD countries. Homeownership is linked to wealth accumulation in several ways: Wealthier households are more likely to buy a house or apartment, home owners tend to save more and rising house values typically yield higher returns than money in a bank account. Moreover, owners can borrow on a mortgage to finance, e.g., the ...

    In: Robin Tillmann, Marieke Voorpostel, Peter Farago , Social Dynamics in Swiss Society : Empirical Studies Based on the Swiss Household Panel
    Cham: Springer
    S. 175-185
    Life Course Research and Social Policies ; 9
    | Ursina Kuhn, Markus Grabka
2 Ergebnisse, ab 1