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Publikationen des Projekts: Modellierung (de-)zentraler Energiewenden: Wechselwirkungen, Koordination und Lösungsansätze aus systemorientierter Perspektive (MODEZEEN)

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    Renewable Energy Targets and Unintended Storage Cycling: Implications for Energy Modeling

    To decarbonize the economy, many governments have set targets for the use of renewable energy sources. These are often formulated as relative shares of electricity demand or supply. Implementing respective constraints in energy models is a surprisingly delicate issue. They may cause a modeling artifact of excessive electricity storage use. We introduce this phenomenon as “unintended storage cycling”, ...

    In: iScience 25 (2022), 4, 104002, 30 S. | Martin Kittel, Wolf-Peter Schill
1 Ergebnisse, ab 1