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14. - 15. Mai 2020

Graduate Center Masterclasses

Causal machine learning under unconfoundedness


14. - 15. Mai 2020
May 14, 14:00-17:30
May 15, 09:00-12:30


ONLINE via Zoom


Michael Lechner, University of St. Gallen
Masterclasses are a series of one- or two day courses on various topics in Economics, organized by the DIW Graduate Center. The target audience consists of graduate students in Economics at Berlin universities and research institutes. The GC Masterclasses are held on an irregular basis at DIW Berlin (about once a month) and are open to all affiliates of DIW Berlin, those of the BDPEMS program, and anyone else upon inquiry. For proposals of Masterclasses please contact Anton Velinov Ph.D.

ONLINE via Zoom

If you are interested in attending the Masterclass - which will be LIVE on Zoom to allow for interactions during the course - please send an email to Juliane Metzner (jmetzner@diw.de) Close to the date, we will send to your email address the link to participate to the Masterclass on Zoom (which you can download for free here). In case of too many registrations, we will admit participants on a first comes first served base.