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1. - 2. September 2022

Graduate Center Minicourses

Introduction to Webscraping


1. - 2. September 2022


Ferdinand Friedensburg Room
DIW Berlin
Room 2.3.001
Mohrenstraße 58
10117 Berlin


Kevin Tran

This short course is meant to give an overview over the most common web scraping techniques. The idea is to have an interactive course in which the participants get their hands on actual code and work with it. Therefore, please bring your own computers, if possible. The main aim is to cover several approaches that are needed to scrape different types of data from different websites. In the end, participants should have an idea of how to approach the task of web scraping any website they are interested in. As an exercise spanning the entirety of the course, participants are encouraged to choose a website that they are interested in and try to build a scraper using the codes and knowledge they gain during the course.

The codes for the course are written in Python. The course also includes a very short introduction to Python but due to the limited time, we will not be able to cover all the Python concepts needed. Therefore, it would be helpful if you look at some preparatory material to get somewhat familiar with the language. Most importantly, please take the time to install a Python distribution on your computer and some of the packages that we will need for the course.

The course is split into four 90-minute sessions over two days. On day 1, we will cover the bulk of the material over three session. First, we will cover a short introduction to Python and some basic web scraping concepts. Then, we will look at how to gather data if an Application Programming Interface (API) is available. Finally, we will cover techniques for retrieving information from HTML code such as HTML parsing and text pattern matching. On day 2, we will look into browser automation, a technique that is used to scrape websites that load dynamically. Finally, we will leave some time to discuss issues with your own scraper.

The time gap between the last session of day 1 and the session on day 2 is meant to give you some time
to work on your own scraping projects if you so wish.

To join the minicourse please register with Daniela Centemero (dcentemero@diw.de).