Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2019)

Exchange Rates, Foreign Currency Exposure and Sovereign Risk

Kerstin Bernoth, Helmut Herwartz
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2019)

Housing Rent Dynamics and Rent Regulation in St. Petersburg (1880-1917)

Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Leonid Limonov, Sofie R. Waltl
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2019)

The Short-Run Effect of Monetary Policy Shocks on Credit Risk: An Analysis of the Euro Area

Chi Hyun Kim, Lars Other
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2019)

Social Policy or Crowding-Out? Tenant Protection in Comparative Long-Run Perspective

Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Sebastian Kohl, Yulia Prozorova, Julien Licheron
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The Department

Research activities of the macroanalysis department are focused on the investigation of economic relationships and policies at the national and international level. Current topics include the evolution of macroeconomic imbalances and the debt crisis in the euro area as well as the appropriate design of the fiscal and monetary crisis management. Research is also directed to explore the interdependencies between integrated financial markets and the real economy. In addition, adjustment patterns arising from the integration of emerging markets into the global economy are examined. Especially the Asian region will become increasingly important for the development of the world economy.

Change of name

1 June 2011: The department of "Macro Analysis and Forecasting" has changed its name to "Macroeconomics".