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485 Freizeitstress: wenn die Arbeit ständig ruft Mandy Schult, Verena Tobsch 2012. 34 S.

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Little is known so far about on-call duty such as work on demand or standby service. Both types of flexible working time arrangements have in common that employees are called for work during their leisure time. Periods of regeneration will be interrupted and may cause stress. Using data of the SOEP pretest 2011 we can show for the first time the prevalence of on-call duty in Germany. By means of Siegrist¿s (1996a, 1996b) effort-reward imbalance we analyze the effect of interrupted leisure time caused by on-call work on the effort-reward imbalance. We have strong evidence that employees on standby experience higher efforts and thus have a lower effort-reward imbalance whereas work on demand does not have an effect.


on-call work, standby service, work on demand, effort-reward imbalance, reciprocity, Rufbereitschaft, Arbeit auf Abruf, Gratifikationskrisen, soziale Reziprozität, SOEP