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SPLITIT: Stata Module to Split Chronological Overlapping Spells in Spell Data Klaudia Erhardt, Ralf Künster 2015, 3 Files
(Statistical Software Components ; S458022)


SPLITIT is a Stata ado file, distributed via the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive. SPLITIT splits overlapping spells within a case. The result is a spell file where each split spell of a case is either chronologically unique or chronological completely parallel to other split spells of the same case (having exactly the same start and end dates). This is an essential step for most of the methods to analyze episode data, and is a preliminary step in transforming spell data into sequence data. The program is especially useful for large or daily spell data sets, where breaking down the data into the smallest time unit is not feasible.

To access the program, type the command "ssc describe splitit" from within Stata and follow the instructions. To download the auxiliary test data you have to set the Stata working directory to a directory where you have rights to write to. See the help file of SPLITIT for a detailed description of the functions and examples of how to use the command.


Stata program, ado file, data management, episode data, spell data, spell splitting, data exploration