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  Presenter Coauthor(s) Title Abstract
A Agupusi, Patricia   Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises as a Key Strategy for Poverty Reduction in South Africa Abstract | PDF, 6.59 KB  

Alonso-Villar, Olga Coral del Rio New Unit-Consistent Intermediate Inequality Indices Abstract | PDF, 23.7 KB

Anderson, Gordon Teng Wah Leo Child Poverty, Generational Mobility and the One Child Policy in Urban China Abstract | PDF, 165.79 KB  

Angeles, Luis   A proper farewell to Kuznets' hypothesis Abstract | PDF, 56.34 KB

Apouey, Benedicte Andrew Clark The impact of retirement on health and well-being Abstract | PDF, 15.83 KB  

Appiah-Kubi, Kojo Edward Amanning-Ampomah / Christian Ahortor Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Poverty in Ghana Using Fuzzy Sets Abstract  | PDF, 322.22 KB

Aysan, Ahmet Faruk   The Shadowing Role of Redistributive Institutions in the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Redistribution Abstract  | PDF, 320.17 KB  

Azpitarte, Francisco   The Household Wealth Distribution in Spain: The Role of Housing and Financial Wealth Abstract  | PDF, 40.79 KB  

B Bach, Stefan Giacomo Corneo / Viktor Steiner No Rise in Income Inequality? A Reappraisal of the German Income Distribution 1992 - 2001 Abstract  | PDF, 77.38 KB  

Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra Frank Cowell and Emmanuel Flachaire Inequality Measurement and Goodness-of-Fit: A Welfare-based Approach Abstract  | PDF, 19.37 KB

Bárcena, Elena Luis J. Imedio The Bonferroni, Gini and De Vergottini indices. Inequality, welfare and deprivation in the European Union in 2000 Abstract  | PDF, 8.91 KB  

Bargain, Olivier Callan, Tim Effects of Tax-benefit Changes on Income Distribution: A Decomposition Approach Abstract  | PDF, 66.37 KB

Bauduin, Nicolas   The gender on the job training gap in France Abstract  | PDF, 115.31 KB  

Bevan, David   More on the limits to redistribution Abstract | PDF, 18.88 KB  

Biagi, Federico Danilo Cavapozzi / Raffaele Miniaci Technology, Skills and Retirement Abstract | PDF, 30.3 KB  

Biancotti, Claudia Giovanni D'Alessio Equity or equality? Opportunities, outcomes and subjective well-being Abstract | PDF, 26.68 KB  

Bicakova, Alena   Cross-country Comparison of the Inequality in Earnings and Labor Force Status of Prime Age Men in France, the UK, and the US Abstract  | PDF, 82.82 KB  

Binelli, Chiara   Income Inequality and Schooling Investment in Latin America: a General Equilibrium Approach Abstract  | PDF, 11.08 KB

Bishop, John A. Haiyong Liu / Buhong Zheng China's Nutrition Intake Inequality: 1989-2004 Abstract  | PDF, 15.22 KB  

Bittencourt, Manoel F.   Finance and Inequality: Evidence from Brazil Abstract  | PDF, 38.42 KB  

Bönke, Timm Carsten Schröder Inequality and welfare estimates for two different weighting schemes Abstract  | PDF, 25.4 KB  

Bosmans, Kristof Luc Lauwers / Erwin Ooghe A consistent multidimensional Pigou-Dalton transfer principle Abstract  | PDF, 87.1 KB  

Brandolini, Andrea   Measurement of Income Distribution in Supranational Entities: The Case of the European Union Abstract | PDF, 100 KB  

Bresson, Florent   A general class of inequality elasticities of poverty Abstract | PDF, 54.23 KB  

C Calo-Blanco, Aitor   Equality of Opportunity and Incomplete Information Abstract | PDF, 49.09 KB  

Canova, Luciano   The many dimensions of poverty in Albania: income, wealth and assett ownership Abstract | PDF, 5.88 KB

Canto Sanchez, Olga Jose Maria Arranz The Dynamics of Poverty in Spain: The relevance of considering multiple-spells and their accumulation Abstract | PDF, 27.11 KB

Caro Vásquez, Daniel   Achievement Gaps Associated with SES in Hamburg Schools: How do they Change as Students get Older? Abstract  | PDF, 32.69 KB

Ceriani, Lidia   Vulnerability to Poverty: A new Approach to Measurement Abstract | PDF, 62.26 KB

Cervini Pla, María Xavier Ramos Morilla Earnings effects of employment promoting reforms: analysis of the 1997 labour market reform in Spain Abstract | PDF, 54.76 KB

Chotikapanich, Duangkamon William E Griffiths Estimating Income Distributions Using a Mixture of Gamma Densities Abstract | PDF, 10.19 KB

Ciarli, Tommaso Andre Lorentz / Maria Savonaz / Marco Valente Growth, structural change and consumption: a microeconomic explanation of macroeconomic dynamics Abstract | PDF, 64.6 KB

Cogneau, Denis   Inequality and intergenerational mobility in Africa Abstract  | PDF, 100.35 KB

Corsini, Lorenzo Elisabetta Olivieri Inequality in the Earnings of Skilled and Unskilled Workers: Theory and Evidence for Italy 1977-2004 Abstract | PDF, 21.28 KB

Cowell, Frank Yoram Amiel / Xavier Ramos On the Measurement of Polarisation: A questionnaire study Abstract  | PDF, 57.19 KB  

Cudeville, Elisabeth Leman Yonca Gurbuzer Wage Discrimination on the Turkish labor market Can Turkey be part of Europe ? Abstract | PDF, 96.34 KB  

D D'Alessandro, Simone   Modernization, Climate Variability and Vulnerability to Famines Abstract  | PDF, 56.81 KB  

Dallinger, Ursula   Inequality and Redistribution - Public opinions in a comparative view Abstract | PDF, 17.71 KB

D'Ambrosio, Conchita Joachim R. Frick Individual Well-Being in a Dynamic Perspective Abstract  | PDF, 58.92 KB  

Daymon, Caroline Céline Gimet An empirical test of the inequality traps concept Abstract | PDF, 7.53 KB

Decancq, Koen   Multidimensional Inequality and Dependence between its Dimensions Abstract | PDF, 115.18 KB

Denisova, Irina A.   Entry to and Exit from Poverty in Russia: Evidence from Longitudinal Data Abstract | PDF, 54.65 KB  

D'Exelle, Ben   Economic inequality, social networks and distributive decisions: Field experiment in Nicaraguan rural villages Abstract | PDF, 54.03 KB

Duclos, Jean-Yves Abdelkrim Araar / John Giles Chronic and Transient Poverty: Measurement and Estimation, with Evidence from China Abstract | PDF, 57.89 KB  

Dumas, Audrey Said Hanchane Training Externality And Earning's Dispersion Abstract  | PDF, 80.65 KB

Durante, Ruben Louis Putterman Perception of Fairness and Redistributive Choices: Evidence from Experiments with Large Groups Abstract  | PDF, 18.09 KB

E Eberharter, Veronika   Redistribution, intergenerational inequality and poverty transmission - Germany and the United States compared Abstract  | PDF, 86.17 KB

Ebert, Udo   Recursively aggregable inequality measures: An extension of Gini's mean difference and the Gini coefficient Abstract | PDF, 11.72 KB

Echavarri, Rebeca   The impact of sex-selective abortion technology on the evolution of postnatal gender-bias conventions Abstract | PDF, 64.46 KB

Ehrhart, Christophe   The World Bank and poverty reduction: growth and/or redistribution? Abstract | PDF, 12.38 KB

Escardibul, Josep Oriol Toni Mora / Marta Espasa The effects of Spanish educational policies on school failure rates at the regional level Abstract | PDF, 13.56 KB

Esposito, Lucio Peter Lambert A fourth ‘I' of poverty ? Abstract | PDF, 81.26 KB

F Ferreira, Francisco H.G. M. Caridad Araujo/ Peter Lanjouw / Berk Özler Local Inequality and Project Choice: Theory and Evidence from Ecuador Abstract  | PDF, 10.77 KB  

Fiaschi, Davide Matteo Marsili The Distribution of Wealth: Theoretical Microfoundations and Empirical Evidence Abstract | PDF, 30.45 KB  

Fields, Gary S.   How Much Should We Care About Changing Income Inequality in the Course of Economic Growth ? Abstract | PDF, 14.31 KB

Figari, Francesco   Cross-national differences in determinants of multiple deprivation in Europe Abstract | PDF, 10.63 KB

Fontes, Rosa Mauricio Fontes / Elydio Silva/ Patricio Cameiro Geography and Growth: The Role of a Geotec Index on Agricultural Regional Income Convergence Abstract | PDF, 19.43 KB

Frick, Joachim R. Markus M. Grabka / Eva M. Sierminska Representative wealth data for Germany: The impact of methodological decisions around imputation and the choice of the aggregation unit in the German SOEP Abstract | PDF, 8.36 KB  

G Gaballo, Gaetano   Entropic Measure of Freedom and Social Representation Principle Abstract | PDF, 99.14 KB

Galiano, Aida Gabriel Perez-Quiros/ Maximo Camacho The incidence of the 1990's expansion on income distribution Abstract | PDF, 23.21 KB

Garcia-Fernandez, Rosa Maria Federico Palacios-Gonzalez A multiresolution analysis of income polarization Abstract | PDF, 39.05 KB

Gastaldi, Francesca Maria Grazia Pazienza / Chiara Rapallini The loss in progressivity of regional tax policies: the case of Italy Abstract | PDF, 94.46 KB

Giammatteo, Michele   The bidimensional decomposition of inequality: a nested Theil approach Abstract | PDF, 88.43 KB

Gigliarano, Chiara Karl Mosler Constructing indices of multivariate polarization Abstract  | PDF, 35.12 KB

Gil Lacruz , Ana I. Namkee Ahn Economic analysis of the satisfaction among Spanish teenagers. Abstract  | PDF, 6.91 KB

Gradin, Carlos   Why is poverty so high among black Brazilians? A decomposition analysis of the gap in poverty rates by ethnic group Abstract | PDF, 11.15 KB

Gregorini, Filippo   Politica geography and income inequalities Abstract

Grimm, Michael Johannes Gräb Robust Multiperiod Pverty Comparisons Abstract  | PDF, 55.63 KB  

Groh-Samberg, Olaf Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka, Economic gains from publicly provided education in Germany Abstract  | PDF, 10.92 KB  

Groisman, Fernando Luis Beccaria Income Mobility in Argentina Abstract  | PDF, 20 KB

Grözinger, Gerd Verena Tobsch / Wenzel Matiaske Employee-friendly labor time: a key element to a sustainable pattern of production and consumption Abstract  | PDF, 11.08 KB

Guenther, Isabel   Welfare Dynamics and Behavioural Economics Abstract  | PDF, 10.11 KB

Guillaud, Elvire   Preferences for Redistribution: a European Comparative Analysis Abstract  | PDF, 38.88 KB

Gustafsson, Björn Birgitta Jansson Top incomes in Sweden during three-quarters of a century - a micro data approach Abstract  | PDF, 17.56 KB

H Hermida, Priscila   Intergenerational Transmission of Education: Gender and Ethnicity in Guatemala Abstract  | PDF, 152.43 KB

Heurich, Matthias Jan Künzler / Wolfgang Walter Measuring Justice Judgments: Evaluations of income distributions Abstract  | PDF, 18.65 KB

Higon Tamarit, Francisco Amadeo Fuenmayor Fernández / Rafael Granell Pérez From joint to individual filing: The tax unit in the Spanish Income Tax Abstract | PDF, 15.57 KB

I Ichoku, H. Eme Fonta, W.M. Equity Analysis of Direct Health Payments in a Developing Country Empirical Evidence from Nigeria Abstract  | PDF, 17.02 KB

Isengard, Bettina   Wage Inequality in Germany and the Switzerland: Can Education do it Alone? Abstract  | PDF, 13.67 KB

J Jenkins, Stephen P. Richard V. Burkhauser / Shuaizhang Feng Using the P90/P10 Ratio to Measure Inequality Trends with the Current Population Survey: A View from Inside the Census Bureau Vaults Abstract  | PDF, 14.52 KB  

Jin, Yi   Sectoral Labor Allocations, Economic Growth, and Income Inequality Abstract | PDF, 41.44 KB

K Klasen, Stephan Isabel Günther Measuring Chronic Non-Income Poverty Abstract | PDF, 9.95 KB  

Kolm, Serge   Concept of equality and inequality in liberty, and applications  

Koulovatianos, Christos Carsten Schröder / Ulrich Schmidt Non-Market Household Time and the Cost of Children Abstract  | PDF, 49.83 KB  

L Labar, Kelly   Intergenerational mobility in China Abstract | PDF, 87.98 KB

Laczó, Sarolta   Informal Insurance and Income Inequality Abstract  | PDF, 134 KB

Lasso de la Vega, Casilda Henar Diez/ Ana Marta Urrutia Unit-consistent aggregative multidimensional inequality measures: a characterization Abstract | PDF, 90.12 KB  

Launov, Andrey Stephan Klasen Conditional Poverty Gap Abstract | PDF, 73.49 KB  

Leitner, Sebastian Mario Holzner Economic inequality in Central, East and Southeast Europe Abstract  | PDF, 52.92 KB

Liberati, Paolo Antonio Scialà Openness, decentralization and local vs aggregate inequality Abstract | PDF, 80.32 KB

Lillard, Dean   Income Inequality and Later Life Socio-Economic Success: Estimating Life-Course Treatment Effects Abstract  | PDF, 9.8 KB

Logeay, Camille Rudolf Zwiener Driving forces behind the wage costs differentials in Europe? Productivity is not the whole story Abstract | PDF, 80.63 KB  

Lugo, Maria Ana   Separate but Unequal? Inequality and school achievement Abstract | PDF, 35.98 KB

M Macculi, Iris   Deprivation nd Social Exclusion in Switzerland : An Analysis of the Swiss Household Panel Abstract  | PDF, 16.07 KB

Makovec, Mattia   The distributional impact of public education expenditure in Italy Abstract  | PDF, 0.64 MB  

Mancini, Ana Laura   Labor supply responses of Italian women to minimum income policies Abstract  | PDF, 26.11 KB

Masterson, Thomas   Female Land Rights and Farm Income in Paraguayan Agriculture Abstract | PDF, 34.17 KB

Mathur, Somesh K.   Economic growth and Convergence in Selected South Asian and East Asian Countries - A Data Envelopment Analysis Abstract  | PDF, 1.1 MB

Matsaganis, Manos Maria Flevotomou The distributional impact of mortgage interest tax relief in 12 European countries Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Mazzotta, Fernanda   Unemployment and Poverty of the young in Italy: the Role of Family Background Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Mesplé-Somps, Sandrine   Optimal Fiscal Policies according to Equality of Opportunity. A case study applied to Ivory Coast Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Minoiu, Camelia   Poverty Analysis based on Kernel Density Estimates from Grouped Data Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 346 KB)

Mohl, Philipp Oliver Pamp The (fiscal) price of diversity: preference heterogeneity, electoral institutions and budgetary performance Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 229 KB)

Mora, Toni Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada The job satisfaction gender gap among young recent university graduates: evidence from Catalonia Abstract

Moreno-Ternero, Juan D.   On the design of equal-opportunity policies Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 210 KB)

Moutos, Thomas   Inequality and the US import demand function Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 215 KB)

Müge Vural, Burçak Konyal?, Gonca Employment Polarisation and Income Inequality in Turkey Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Murtin, Fabrice Morrisson Christian Education Inequalities and the Kuznets Curves:A Global Perspective Since 1870 Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 449 KB)

N Nagarajan, Hari K. Puja Dutta Spatial Inequality Among Indian Villages:Do Initial Conditions Matter? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 246 KB)

Ndeffo, Nembot Luc Ngangue, Ngwen / Tegoum Nguetse, Pierre / Kamidem, Cyrille Bergaly / Makoudem, Mariann Impact of Equivalence scales on the spatial Distribution of Poverty in Cameroon: A dynamic Approach. Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Nilsson, Therese   Changes in Multidimesnional Inequality - An Empirical Application to Zambia Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Nilsson, William   Earnings Mobility and Origin Dependence: What can twins say together with nonparametric econometrics? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Noll, Heinz-Herbert Stefan Weick Income or Consumption Based Measurement and Analysis of Economic Inequality: What are the Differences? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Notten, Geranda Chris de Neubourg Relative or absolute poverty in the USA and EU? The battle of the rates Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Nunes, Celso Luís Pereira   The Evolution of the Economic Thought about Poverty Measurement Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Núñez-Velázquez, José Javier Juana Domínguez-Domínguez A proposal of a synthetic indicator to measure poverty intensity, with an application to EU-15 countries Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

O Oliver, Xisco Javier Capó Redistribution and Stabilization: A microeconomic approach using the Spanish population Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Olivera, Javier   Analysing motives for parental money transfers in Europe Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Ortega Diaz, Araceli Miguel Székely Challenges and Perspectives to Reach the Millennium Development Goals Abstract ( PDF-Dokument, 114 KB) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 635 KB)

Osberg, Lars Sripad Motiram Social Capital and Basic Goods: The Cautionary Tale of Drinking Water in India Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 280 KB)

Otter, Thomas   Characterization of inequality changes through microeconometric decompositions Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 363 KB)

P Parent, Gwenn   Wage Inequalities Decompositions in Argentina : Analysis by regions, industries, education and gender (1999-2003) Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Parisi, Lavinia   Is leaving home a strategy for escaping poverty? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Parteka, Aleksandra   Are employment and export inequality patterns important for cross country GDP per capita dispersion? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Paulus, Alari Andreas Peichl Effects of flat tax reforms in Europe on inequality and poverty Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Peichl, Andreas Clemens Fuest / Thilo Schaefer The Flat Tax: An Option to improve Equity and Efficiency? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 159 KB)

Pellicer-Gallardo, Miquel   A Model of Ethnic vs. Class Mobilization Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Peragine, Vito Laura Serlenga Higher education and equality of opportunity in Italy Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Permanyer, Inaki   On the arbitrariness of weighting structures for well-being measures Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Piraino, Patrizio   Testing for Borrowing Constraints in Intergenerational Earnings Equations Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Poggi, Ambra Xavier Ramos Empirical Modeling of Deprivation Contagion among Social Exclusion Dimensions (Using MCMC Methods) Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 205 KB)

Ponthieux, Sophie   The working poor : limits of the EU indicator "in-work poverty risk", problems with a two-level statistical category and exploration of a complementary indicator Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Prieto Alaiz, Mercedes Ismael Ahamdanech Zarco / Carmelo Garcia Pérez Welfare convergence between Spanish Regions (1990-2003). An Inference-Based Stochastic Dominance Approach Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

R Rapallini, Chiara Arnie Aassve / Maria Grazia Pazienza The introduction of French family splitting in Italy: revenue and analysis of the effect on labour supply Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Razmi, Arslan   Integration, Informalization, and Inequality in Developing Countries: Some General Equilibrium Explorations in Light of Accumulating Evidence Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Regoli, Andrea Claudio Quintano / Rosalia Castellano Evidences from the decomposition of income inequality: the case of Italy, 1991-2004 Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Rodriguez, Gonzales Daniel   The end of U-inverted relationship betweeninequality and income?: an appraisal from European regions Abstract

Rodriguez, Juan Gabriel   Partial and complete equality of opportunity orderings Abstract ( PDF-Dokument, 117 KB) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 306 KB)

Rohde, Nicholas   Derivation of Theil's Inequality Measure from Lorenz Curves Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 148 KB)

S Sacchi, Agnese   Central redistribution, local redistribution or both? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Salanauskaite, Lina   User charges, occupational-status and health access inequity: a case of Luxembourg public healthcare system Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Santoro, Alessandro Maria Monti The Gini Decomposition: a New Formulation with an Application to Tax Reform Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Savaglio, Ernesto   On multidimensional inequality with variable distribution mean Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Schels, Brigitte Sandra Popp Marginalised or Socially Excluded: The Living Conditions and the Sense of Exclusion of Young Social Benefit Recipients in Germany Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Schröder, Carsten Christos Koulovatianos / Ulrich Schmidt Family-Type Subsistence Incomes Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Schueler, Dana   Incentive Effects of Transfers within the Extended Family: The Case of Indonesia Abstract ( PDF-Dokument, 237 KB) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 470 KB)

Schuerz, Martin Peter Mooslechner / Karin Wagner The distribution of financial wealth in Austria. Main Findings of the 2004 survey on Austrian households' financial wealth Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Schulte, Katharina Timm Boenke / Carsten Schroeder Pension in Germany: Composition, Provision and Comparison Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Scorzafave, Luiz Guilherme Elaine Toldo Pazello Using normalized equations to solve the indetermination problem in the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition: an application to the gender wage gap in Brazil Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Seidl, Christian Stefan Traub / Ulrich Schmidt An Experimental Study on Individual Choice, Social Welfare and Social Preferences Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Sierminska, Eva Joachim R. Frick / Markus M. Grabka Disentangling the gender wealth gap within and across households Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Silber, Jacques Joseph Deutsch / Yves Flückiger On Various ways of Measuring Unemployment, with Applications to Switzerland Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Simula, Laurent   Optimality Conditions and Comparative Static Properties of Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxes Revisited Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 216 KB)

Son, Jaehee   Analysis of Structure of Korean female labor/ labor market: The gender difference of wages and job trainings Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Spadaro, Amedeo Olivier Bargain Social Preferences in Europe Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Spataro, Luca Valeria De Bonis Social discounting, migration and optimal taxation of savings Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Speciale, Biago   Are educational policies elitist? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 183 KB)

Stichnoth, Holger   Are Immigrants Jealous of Natives? Does It Depend on How Educated They Are? Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Sutherland, Holly Herwig Immervoll / Horacio Levy Inequalities within couples: market incomes and the role of taxes and benefits in Europe Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

T Tamm, Marcus Michael Fertig Always Poor or Never Poor and Nothing in Between? Duration of Child Poverty in Germany Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 197 KB)

Thevenon, Olivier   Family-Friendly Policies, Fertility, Poverty and Gender Inequalities in the Labour Market : Which relationships and disparities in OECD countries? Abstract

Trannoy, Alain Arnaud Lefranc / Nicolas Pistolesi Equality of opportunity :Definitions and testable conditions, with an application to income in France Abstract ( PDF-Dokument, 129 KB)

Tsakloglou, Panos Christos Koutsambelas Distributional effects of public education transfers in Greece Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 708 KB)

U Urban, Ivica   Measurement of horizontal inequity with Duclos-Lambert model:some implementation issues and application to Croatian system of taxes and benefits Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Urrutia, Ana Henar Diez / Casilda Lasso de la Vega / Amaia de Sarachu A multidimensional generalization of Pigou-Dalton transfers principle: a new proposal Abstract ( PDF-Dokument, 134 KB) Paper ( PDF-Dokument)

V Van Kerm, Philippe   Comparisons of income mobility profiles Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 671 KB)

Vázquez-Guzmán, David   Measurement of Inequality in Mexico: Technical and Methodological Issues. Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Verbist, Gerlinde Stijn Lefebure The Inclusion of Non-cash Housing Advantages in the Income Concept. Estimates and Distribution Effects for Belgium Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Verme, Paolo   Happiness, Inequality and Freedom in a World of Heterogeneous Values Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Vicente-Perdiz, Juan María Teresa Rubio Sanz Growths and inequalities. Spain 1990-2000 Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

W Ward, Michael   Sustainable Progress and Equality Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Weisshaar, Natalie Tilman Brück / Alexander M. Danzer / Alexander Muravyev Changes in Determinants of Poverty and Inequality during Transition: Household Survey Evidence from Ukraine Abstract Paper

Winter, Christoph   Explaining Earnings Persistence: Does College Education Matter? Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 312 KB)

Wolff, Edward N. Ajit Zacharias Household Wealth and the Measurement of Economic Well-Being in the United States Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Wunder, Christoph Johannes Schwarze Income inequality and job satisfaction of full-time employees in Germany Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 108 KB)

Y Yildirim, Jülide Nadir Öcal / Süheyla Özyldirim Income Inequality and Economic Convergence in Turkey: A Spatial Effect Analysis Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Z Zacharias, Ajit Vamsi Vakulabharanam Economic Reforms, Caste and Economic Inequality in India, 1991-2004 Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Zamora, Bernarda Eduard Gracia Nature vs. Nurture: ability and education in the policy evaluation approach Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Zelli, Roberto Riccardo Massari / Maria Grazia Pittau A dwindling middle class? Italian evidence in the 2000's Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Zeng, Zhixiong / Zhenyu Gao   Economic Development and Consumption Inequality Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Zheng, Buhong   Measuring Health Inequality and Health Opportunity Abstract ( PDF-Dokument) Paper ( PDF-Dokument, 342 KB)

Zimmermann, Christian Stéphane Pallage Unemployment benefits vs. Unemployment accounts: a quantitative exploration Abstract

Zoli, Mariangela Manuela Coromaldi A Multidimensional Poverty Analysis. Evidence from Italian Data Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)

Zuluaga, Blanca   Early childbearing and the option to postpone Abstract ( PDF-Dokument)