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11. März 2019


How today’s uncertainties shape tomorrow’s world: Exploring future Yemens

Exploring future Yemens


11. März 2019
10.00 am - 06.30 pm


Elinor Ostrom Hall
DIW Berlin
Mohrenstr. 58
10117 Berlin

This expert scenario development workshop examines the future of sustainable development in Yemen.

An invited group of academics, diplomats, and development and energy professionals move through a four-stage process of scenario foresight. On this course, participants investigate the complex links, interactions, and interdependencies between the different factors, actors, trends, and events that shape change. By methodically combining and categorising these elements, they explore how a variety of factors, including society, politics, security, and economics but also technology, environment and culture, influence potential outcomes. The workshop produces a set of novel scenarios that give insight about the range of plausible scenarios for Yemen, and in particular, the future of infrastructure and service provision.

The workshop co-organised by the Energy Access and Development Program (EADP) and part of the DIW Berlin projects FoReSee (Fossil Resource markets and climate policy: Stranded assets, Expectations and the Political Economy of climate change) and SET-Nav.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.