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Data Documentation 81 / 2015

Stand und Perspektiven des Rückbaus von Kernkraftwerken in Deutschland ("Rückbau-Monitoring 2015")

2015| Ben Wealer, Clemens Gerbaulet, Jan Paul Seidel, Christian von Hirschhausen
Data Documentation 80 / 2015

Official Data on German Utilities: 2003-2012

2015| Caroline Stiel
Data Documentation 77 / 2015

Long-Term Contracts in the Natural Gas Industry: Literature Survey and Data on 426 Contracts (1965-2014)

Long-term contracts are an important element of all economic activity and, thus, critical for understanding modern economic structures. The natural gas industry provides particular insights into the functioning and dynamics of long-term contracts and industry structures, in a sector that is globally important. This Data Documentation provides a survey of the literature on long-term contracts in the ...

2015| Anne Neumann, Sophia Rüster, Christian von Hirschhausen
Data Documentation 76 / 2015

Estimating Gross Employment Effects of Environmental Protection: The DIW Method

Environmental employment is an issue with high interest to the public and to policy makers. Yet, the debate is blurred by a great number of distinct definitions and hence estimates of environmental employment. Therefore it is essential to carefully document delimitations and methods used in any attempt to quantify environmental employment. This paper presents a method for estimating gross environmental ...

2015| Jürgen Blazejczak, Dietmar Edler
Data Documentation 72 / 2014

Electricity Sector Data for Policy-Relevant Modeling: Data Documentation and Applications to the German and European Electricity Markets

2014| Jonas Egerer, Clemens Gerbaulet, Richard Ihlenburg, Friedrich Kunz, Benjamin Reinhard, Christian von Hirschhausen, Alexander Weber, Jens Weibezahn
Data Documentation 70 / 2013

Preparation of Data from the New SOEP Consumption Module: Editing, Imputation, and Smoothing

This documentation describes the data preparation of the new consumption module in the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) and introduces the content and structure of the generated dataset "hconsum." In 2010, the SOEP for the first time included a detailed consumption module in the household questionnaire. This documentation discusses several methodological challenges of the new module and suggests ...

2013| Jan Marcus, Rainer Siegers, Markus M. Grabka
Data Documentation 68 / 2013

Current and Prospective Costs of Electricity Generation until 2050

2013| Andreas Schröder, Friedrich Kunz, Jan Meiss, Roman Mendelevitch, Christian von Hirschhausen
Data Documentation 63 / 2012

Documentation of the Tax-Benefit Microsimulation Model STSM: Version 2012

2012| Viktor Steiner, Katharina Wrohlich, Peter Haan, Johannes Geyer
102 Ergebnisse, ab 21