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    Rolf Krengel in memoriam

    In: Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv 87 (2003), 1, S. 97-99 | Reiner Stäglin
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    A Nation-Wide Laboratory: Examining Trust and Trustworthiness by Integrating Behavioral Experiments into Representative Surveys

    Die experimentelle Ökonomie führt typischerweise Labor-Untersuchungen durch, die mit homogenen und selektiven Versuchspersonen arbeiten. Repräsentative Surveys leiden hingegen unter Messfehlern und der Frage, ob hypothetisches Verhalten, das erhoben wird, mit tatsächlichem Verhalten korrespondiert. Deswegen präsentieren wir eine Methode, mit der man die Schwächen beider Ansätze überwindet, indem man ...

    In: Schmollers Jahrbuch 122 (2002), 4, S. 1-24 | Ernst Fehr, Urs Fischbacher, Bernhardt von Rosenbladt, Jürgen Schupp, Gert G. Wagner
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    Unemployment and Productivity Growth: An Empirical Analysis within an Augmented Solow Model

    Does a country's level of unemployment have an impact on the long-run growth rate? Incorporating unemployment into a generalised Solow-type growth model yields some answers. In the traditional Solow model, unemployment has no long-run influence on the growth rate and the level of productivity. The long-run level of productivity is reduced if higher unemployment leads to less formal education or to ...

    In: Economic Modelling 19 (2002), 1, S. 105-120 | Michael Bräuninger, Markus Pannenberg
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    Declining Fertility in East Germany after Unification: A Demographic Response to Socioeconomic Change

    In: Population and Development Review 21 (1995), 2, S. 387-397 | James C. Witte, Gert G. Wagner
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    Einstellungen zur sozialen Sicherung im Vergleich der Generationen

    In: Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 29 (1996), 6, S. 446-451 | Karin Rinne, Gert G. Wagner
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    Verteilungspolitische Probleme der Alterssicherung

    The ongoing change of demographic and economic structures does not undermine employment (as many believe), but this change indeed induces problems with the mandatory old-age security system in Germany. This paper discusses some popular reform proposals and concludes with another proposal which takes into account economic incentives. Especially the gerontological aim of a longer lifetime employment ...

    In: Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 31 (1998), 6, S. 377-381 | Gert G. Wagner
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    Zur Ökonomik grundfinanzierter wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung

    Mit Argumenten aus der "Theorie des Marktversagens" und der "Neuen Politischen Ökonomie" kann gezeigt werden, daß Universitäten und Forschungsinstitute spezielle "Öffentliche Güter" produzieren, die eine Grundfinanzierung durch den Staat unter Effizienzgesichtspunkten rechtfertigen. Allerdings wäre die Produktion solcher wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschungsergebnisse durch einen einzigen ...

    In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 217 (1998), 3, S. 346-358 | Rolf-Dieter Postlep, Gert G. Wagner
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    Coordination Failure with Multiple-Source Lending: The Cost of Protection against a Powerful Lender

    We analyze how a firm might protect quasirents in an environment of imperfect capital markets, where switching lenders is costly to the borrower, and contracts are incomplete. As switching costs make the firm vulnerable to ex post exploitation, it may want to diversify lending. Multiple-source lending, however, suffers from coordination failure. An uncoordinated withdrawal of funds will force a financially ...

    In: Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 158 (2002), 2, S. 256-275 | Franz Hubert, Dorothea Schäfer
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    Sport as a Common Property Resource: A Solution to the Dilemmas of Doping

    The use of drugs in high-performance sports (doping) is a common pool resource (CPR) dilemma: regardless of the number of other athletes who dope, the athlete with strong tastes for victory will find doping optimal; yet if all athletes dope, they all bear negative health consequences, although each one's odds of victory are not greatly changed. The current regulatory approach relies entirely on centralized ...

    In: The Journal of Conflict Resolution 41 (1997), 6, S. 749-766 | Edward J. Bird, Gert G. Wagner
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    Jurisdiction Size, Political Participation, and the Allocation of Resources

    This paper analyzes the effect of population size on politicalparticipation and allocative efficiency. Increasing populationis generally found to reduce political participation. However,since participation is not evenly spread throughout thepopulation, this will have consequences for allocation.Namely, we argue that increasing population size shifts powerto the rich. We discuss the consequences for ...

    In: Public Choice 113 (2002), 3-4, S. 251-263 | Rainald Borck
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    Restructuring Know-How and Collateral

    In: Kredit und Kapital 35 (2002), 4, S. 572-597 | Dorothea Schäfer
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    Tax Liability-Side Equivalence in Experimental Posted-Offer Markets

    In theory, the incidence of a tax should be independent of the side of the market on which it is levied. This principle of liability-side equivalence underlies virtually all theories of tax incidence. Policy discussions, however, tend to place great emphasis on the legal division of tax payments. We use computerized experimental posted-offer markets to test liability-side equivalence. We find that ...

    In: The Southern Economic Journal 68 (2002), 3, S. 672-682 | Rainald Borck, Dirk Engelmann, Wieland Müller, Hans-Theo Normann
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    Post-Soviet Gas Sector Restructuring in the CIS: a Political Economy Approach

    This paper analyses progress and obstacles to gas sector reform in the most important CIS-countries (Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan), taking a political economy perspective. This reform process is embedded in a very specific post-Soviet institutional framework stemming from the legacy of socialism. Firstly, we review the evolution of the gas sector for the period 1992-1998. The paper then ...

    In: Energy Policy 26 (1998), 15, S. 1113-1123 | Christian von Hirschhausen, Hella Engerer
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    Understanding and Managing Leakage in Forest-Based Greenhouse-Gas-Mitigation Projects

    A major concern about land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is the potential for leakage. Leakage refers to a net increase of greenhouse-gas emissions in an area outside the project resulting from the CDM activity. This paper provides an overview of leakage, its definitions and its causes. It describes ways that LULUCF projects may suffer ...

    In: Philosophical Transactions 360 (2002), 1797, S. 1685-1703 | Reimund Schwarze, John O. Niles, Jacob Olander
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    The Contribution of Local Public Infrastructure to Private Productivity and Its Political Economy: Evidence from a Panel of Large German Cities

    This paper proposes a simultaneous-equation approach to theestimation of the contribution of infrastructure accumulationto private production. A political economy model for theallocation of public infrastructure investment grants isformulated. Our empirical findings, using a panel of largeGerman cities for the years 1980,1986, and 1988, suggest thatcities ruled by a council sharing the State (`Bundesland')government's ...

    In: Public Choice 113 (2002), 3-4, S. 403-424 | Achim Kemmerling, Andreas Stephan
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    Export Intermediation: An Empirical Test of Peng and Ilinitch

    This paper provides empirical evidence from France on the role of export intermediary firms. Using data from 20,000 French firms, this paper tests two of the five transaction cost-based propositions on the role of export intermediaries by Peng and Ilinitch (1998). While the empirical evidence only partially supports their first proposition on distance and familiarity, their second proposition on product ...

    In: Journal of International Business Studies 33 (2002), 2, S. 327-344 | Harald Trabold
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    Do the Russians Really Save that Much? Alternative Estimates from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey

    We use a new independent survey of 4000 Russian households (the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey or RLMS) to study their saving behavior. The RLMS household saving rate (12%) is less than half the official figure (29%). Despite the massive changes of the transition, the Russian household saving rate of 1994 cannot be shown to be different from that of 1976. The patterns of Russian household saving ...

    In: The Review of Economics and Statistics 81 (1999), 4, S. 694-703 | Paul R. Gregory, Manouchehr Mokhtari, Wolfram Schrettl
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    Regional Infrastructure Policy and its Impact on Productivity: A Comparison of Germany and France

    This paper describes the different institutional frameworks for infrastructure policy in Germany and France. The economic effects of infrastructure are estimated econometrically for German and French regions. We find evidence that regional road infrastructure has a significant impact on regional output. Moreover, we find evidence that for Germany the priority of promoting equal living conditions throughout ...

    In: Konjunkturpolitik 46 (2000), 4, S. 327-356 | Andreas Stephan
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    What Infrastructure Policies for Post-Socialist Eastern Europe? Lessons from the Public Investment Programmes (PIP) in the Baltic Countries

    In: Europe Asia Studies 51 (1999), 3, S. 417-432 | Christian von Hirschhausen
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    Neuere Erkenntnisse zur Bedeutung von FuE-Kooperationen industrieller Unternehmen: ein Literaturüberblick

    In: Konjunkturpolitik 45 (1999), 1, S. 40-78 | Oliver Pfirrmann, Kurt Hornschild
2320 Ergebnisse, ab 2261