Applied Panel Analyses

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German Socio- Economic Panel study

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Applied Panel Analyses

Research profile

The SOEP not only provides data infrastructure as a public good. We also carry out our own research on a wide range of topics using the SOEP and further international databases such as the Cross National Equivalent Files. This research is important for the SOEP for two reasons. First, our publications increase the visibility of the SOEP in the international research landscape. Second, the ongoing research guarantees in-depth, regular, and systematic discourse on the quality of the SOEP data and on the relevance of the modules and questions included each year in the SOEP surveys.

Key themes of the team’s research are: distributional analysis, policy evaluations, youth and family research, education and competencies, living conditions and migration, and determinants of emotions (happiness, well-being, etc.). Our interdisciplinary team conducts research on all these themes in cooperation with researchers worldwide. The quality of this research is documented in publications in international refereed journals, successful supervision of doctoral dissertations, as well as a series of externally funded projects. Funding bodies include the German Research Foundation, the Leibniz Association, and various other foundations, and federal ministries.

Division Head: Prof. Dr. Carsten Schröder