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Ethnic Identity and Immigrant Homeownership

SOEPpapers 57, 21 S.

Amelie Constant, Rowan Roberts, Klaus F. Zimmermann


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Published in: Urban Studies 46 (2009) No. 9, 1879-1898


Immigrants are much less likely to own their homes than natives, even after controlling for a broad range of life-cycle and socio-economic characteristics and housing market conditions. This paper extends the analysis of immigrant housing tenure choice by explicitly accounting for ethnic identity as a potential influence on the homeownership decision, using a two-dimensional model of ethnic identity that incorporates attachments to both origin and host cultures. The evidence suggests that immigrants with a stronger commitment to the host country are more likely to achieve homeownership for a given set of socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, regardless of their level of attachment to their home country.

JEL-Classification: R21;F22;J15;Z10
Keywords: Ethnicity, ethnic identity, immigration, immigrant integration, homeownership
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