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Welfare-Related Health Inequality: Does the Choice of Measure Matter?

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Joachim R. Frick, Nicolas R. Ziebarth

In: The European Journal of Health Economics 14 (2013), 3, S. 431-442


Using representative microdata from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP), we show that the welfare measure choice has a substantial impact on the degree of welfare-related health inequality. To assess the sensitivity of welfare-related health inequality measures, we combine a unique set of income and wealth measures with different subjective, cardinalized, and (quasi-)objective health measures. The influence of the welfare measure is more pronounced when using subjective health measures than when using (quasi-)objective health measures.

JEL-Classification: D31;I10;I12
Keywords: Welfare-related health inequality, Concentration index, Income measurement, Wealth, SOEP