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Graduate Center Minicourses

Machine learning methods for high-dimensional data in Economics

Minicourses are a series of one or two day courses on various topics in Economics, organized by the DIW Graduate Center. The target audience consists of graduate students in Economics at Berlin universities and research institutes. The GC Minicourses are held on an irregular basis at DIW Berlin (about once a month) and are open to all affiliates of DIW Berlin, those of the BDPEMS program, and...

08.10.2020| Marica Valente
Graduate Center Short Course

Structural Vector Autoregressive Analysis

Syllabus Vector Autoregressive Models Vector Error Correction Models Structural VAR Tools Bayesian VAR Analysis Identification by Short-Run Restrictions Identification by Long-Run Restrictions Inference for Impulse Responses Sign Restrictions Identification by Heteroskedasticity or Non-Gaussianity Identification Based on External Instruments Structural VAR Analysis in a Data-Rich Environment...

19.10.2020| Helmut Lütkepohl
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