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A Simple, Analytically Solvable, Chamberlinian Agglomeration Model

Discussion Papers 339, 11 S.

Michael Pflüger

2003. Mrz.

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Published in: Regional Science & Urban Economics 34 (2004), 5, 565-573


This paper presents a simple Chamberlinian agglomeration model which, like the canonical core-periphery (CP) model, contains two agglomerative forces. However, in contrast to that model, the present model is analytically solvable. Moreover, the present model exhibits a 'supercritical pitchfork bifurcation' rather than the 'subcritical pitchfork bifurcation' of the CP model. This may be a better description for some agglomerative processes than the 'catastrophic' emergence of complete agglomeration predicted by the CP model.

JEL-Classification: F12;F15;F22;R12
Keywords: Economic Geography, Agglomeration, Human Capital Mobility
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