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Center-Based Care and Parenting Activities

Discussion Papers 1897, 59 S.

Jonas Jessen, C. Katharina Spieß, Sevrin Waights


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We estimate effects of center-based care on parenting activities using time use data for Germany. Our estimates imply that center-based care reduces the overall time that parents spend with the enrolled child, but has only small negative effects on time spent doing activities together. Correspondingly, center-based care increases activities as a share of the time spent together with the child. The overall effect is driven by households with lower maternal education. Our findings imply that child development effects of center-based care may be explained, not just by the institutional environment, but also by changes that occur within the home environment.

Sevrin Waights

Research Associate in the Education and Family Department

Topics: Family, Education

JEL-Classification: D13;I21;J13
Keywords: Child care, Child development, Time use, Parenting investments, Day care
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