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Recovery as a springboard for change: Germany and the EU

Video vom 15. Februar 2022

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Recovery as a springboard for change: Germany and the EU

As the German economy and the EU are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus is shifting to questions of long-term transformation. How can we transform our economies while also limiting climate change and preparing for its impact? The pandemic has accelerated digitalization of German firms and many have already invested to deal with climate change. At the same time, concerns about the risks represented by the transition to a net zero emission economy remain widespread. What is more, progress on digitalization and the energy transition has been far from uniform both within Germany and across the EU. What does it take to unlock confidence in the opportunities of transition on a broad basis? The context is challenging: supply chain disruptions and rising energy prices are a concern. However, not leveraging transition opportunities risks to negatively impact on sustainability, competitiveness and social cohesion. The event will debate how Germany and Europe can accelerate the transformation to a smart and green economy successfully while mitigating transition risks. It will present findings from the new EIB Investment Report “Accelerating transformation” and the latest results from the EIB Investment Survey, a unique datasource providing insights on corporate investment activity for Germany and the EU, allowing understanding structural trends and challenges related to investment.