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14. Juni 2024


BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2024
AI: Prospects, Challenges, and Regulation


14. Juni 2024
10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. CEST (Berlin)


WZB - Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung
Reichpietschufer 50
10785 Berlin


Joanna Bryson (Hertie School Berlin) Joshua Gans (University of Toronto) Oren Bar-Gill (Harvard University) Emilio Calvano (Luiss University) Brando Benifei (European Parliament) Francesca Bria (Italian National Innovation Fund) Alena Buyx (Chair of German Ethics Council) Amba Kak (AI Now Institute)

Recent developments in AI, such as the much-discussed capabilities and limitations of generative language models like GPT-4, and their policy implications for competition and regulation are the focus of this year's conference. The EU's AI Act could be one of the first steps towards global regulation of AI technologies. On the one hand, task-based predictive systems and new generative tools can improve the allocation and use of resources, enable innovation, and increase welfare. On the other hand, uncontrolled deployment and concentration of power could lead to disruption and societal harm, not only in high-risk use cases of AI. In this conference, we will discuss recent developments and regulatory initiatives and provide an outlook on future challenges.

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