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Vaccine hesitancy: Exploring the role of temporal and cross-country variation in COVID

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Markus M. Grabka


15. August 2023 - 31. Juli 2024


National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Prof. Dean Lillard PhD, Professor of consumer sciences, Department of Human Sciences, The Ohio State University, College of Education and human ecology Columbus, Ohio, United States

We propose to use new survey data to investigate factors that explain whether and why individuals either did not get a COVID-19 vaccine shot or chose to delay getting one. While we examine hesitancy about the COVID-19 vaccine, our study will yield broader insights. Our project has many strengths. In fifteen countries, we will use internationally-harmonized data on individual vaccination behavior coupled with new internationally-comparable COVID vaccine policies. We will exploit substantial temporal and geographic variation of these vaccine eligibility rules to explain the temporal and cross-country variation in individual vaccination behavior. Our stellar research team of deeply experienced scholars, many PIs of the surveys we will use. We have a strong history of collaboration and a well-established platform to share data.

We will analyze national vaccination rates in all fifteen countries, sub-national rates in fourteen countries, and individual vaccination data from administrative records (Sweden), leading household-based panel studies (thirteen countries), and cross-sectional surveys (two countries). Our team has worked with survey PIs to field new questions on COVID vaccinations, attitudes, and information sources. We will be one of the first teams to analyze the data. With the panel data, we will: a) observe, describe, and model changes in individual outcomes/behaviors; b) control for factors relative to pre-pandemic/baseline levels or long-running trends; c) observe and use information on co-resident household members; and d) account for risk status of co-resident and non-co-resident relatives, especially at-risk or elderly. Consequently, our project promises to produce better evidence about causal determinants of vaccination hesitancy.

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Markus M. Grabka
Markus M. Grabka

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