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22. - 23. Juni 2017

Workshop 1st Workshop “Economic Theories and Low-carbon Transformation Policies”

The workshop aims to advance analytical research on economic processes and policies for low-carbon transformation: policies meaning the role and tools of government and governance, and transformation as involving significant changes and innovation in (organizational) behaviour, technologies and systems, investment and financing.

The main objective is to incorporate in analytic models lessons learnt (drawing on the underlying empirics) and responses to novel issues raised by the current context of the climate policy. Through this we aim to increase the visibility of this research agenda in economics and to strengthen intellectual foundations to enhance clarity and credibility for policy making.

The format of the workshop will be centred on presentations of about 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion on the specific technical aspects of each paper. These will then be followed by panel discussions on broader insights emerging from the papers and other considerations relevant to each of the themes. Thus we aim to provide an opportunity to explore (i) insights for broader understanding (ii) policy implications (iii) emerging structures and questions.

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