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  • Veranstaltung

    DIW Women´s Finance Summit 2017

    Almost ten years after the crisis, the financial sector is still in the midst of a far-reaching transformational process. The macroeconomic environment and regulatory frameworks are changing profoundly and fast, whereas new technologies challenge established players – both from the public and private sector – as never before. These developments and their implications for the financial...

  • Veranstaltung

    Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik im Superwahljahr – Was kommt nach der Agenda 2010?

    Muss die Agenda 2010 dringend reformiert werden, wie SPD-Kanzlerkandidat Martin Schulz es fordert? Oder ist sie die Basis für eine zukunftsweisende Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik in Deutschland? Und wie fügt sich die Diskussion in die viel weiter gefasste Debatte um eine sozial gerechte Gesellschaft?

    30.03.2017| Steffen Kampeter, Hauptgeschäftsführer der Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA) Anke Hassel, Professor of Public Policy an der Hertie School of Governance und wissenschaftliche Direktorin des Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaft-lichen Instituts (WSI) der Hans Böckler Stiftung Moderation: Elisabeth Niejahr, Korrespondentin der ZEIT-Hauptstadtredaktion und Buchautorin, Marcel Fratzscher
  • Veranstaltung

    The role of fiscal policy in advancing structural reforms in Europe

    Europe is in need of further structural reforms but appetite for them seems to be waning, partly due to political opposition and concerns about their distributive and short-term economic effects. Could upfront fiscal support enhance the gains from reforms and break this political deadlock? Would this weaken or instead strengthen public finances over the medium term? What should countries without...

    13.03.2017| Maurice Obstfeld, IMF Chief EconomistLudger Schuknecht, Chief Economist of the German Ministry of Finance Romain Duval, Advisor in the IMF Research DepartmentAngana Banerji, Senior Economist in the IMF’s European DepartmentMarcel Fratzscher, President of DIW Berlin.
  • Veranstaltung

    Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality

    Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality—the first edition of a new report series that will provide the latest estimates and trends in global poverty and shared prosperity each year—takes a close look at the role that inequality reduction plays in ending extreme poverty and improving the livelihoods of the poorest in every country.

    14.12.2016| Introduction by Marcel Fratzscher, President of the DIW Berlin Presentation of the report by Mario Negre and Christoph Lakner, Economists of the World Bank Group Panel discussion moderated by Kati Krähnert, DIW Berlin, with Ingolf Dietrich, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Colonel Faguimba Ibrahima Kansaye, as a representative of the embassy of Mali, and Mario Negre, World Bank Group
  • DIW Europe Lecture

    The Populist Turn in American Politics: Implications for Europe

    The DIW Europe Lecture is a lecture series by leading policy-makers and academics on the future of Europe. The series aims at fostering and informing the debate on key European policy issues, and at bringing this debate to the heart of Germany's policy-making in Berlin.  This lecture will trace the populist turn in American politics, and identify instances and conditions under which...

    13.12.2016| Barry Eichengreen
  • Veranstaltung

    The Global Economy and Balanced Growth

    Under Secretary Sheets’ remarks will address the state of the global economy and emphasize that supply-side and demand-side measures are complementary and that both are necessary to foster strong, sustainable, and balanced growth.

    02.12.2016| Nathan SheetsUnder Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Department of the TreasuryModeration by Marcel Fratzscher, President of DIW Berlin
  • Konferenz

    How to fix the Deficiences in the EU Financial System? Bank-State-Nexus, Business Models and the missing Level Playing Field

    The conference topics relate to the current situation of banks in the EU and the efforts to make the financial system more resilient. Eight years after the financial crisis the banking sector remains in part fragile. Moreover, one crucial aim of last years regulatory reforms has not been reached: To clean-up and achieve a level playing field. In particular, the hazardous interdependency between...

  • Gender Studies Tagung

    Arbeit 4.0 – Blind Spot Gender

    Unter dem Titel "Arbeit 4.0 – Blind Spot Gender" findet am 22. September 2016 die 3. Gender Studies Tagung statt. Das DIW Berlin veranstaltet die Tagung in Kooperation mit der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Eine Übertragung findet via Livestream statt.

  • Konferenz

    30th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE)

    The 30th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) will take place on June 15-18, 2016, organized by the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) at the Harnack House, in Berlin. The aim of the Conference is to facilitate the exchange of research ideas and results across a range of fields, including the...

    15.06.2016| Marianne P. Bitler (University of California-Irvine)David Figlio (Northwestern University)
  • Veranstaltung

    Europe at a Crossroads: How to improve Economic Governance and Growth Performance of the Eurozone?

    The structures of the European project have been helping the continent overcome many effects of the current crisis. Nevertheless, these shocks have also pointed to shortcomings in its construction, and eurozone economic governance is still lagging behind in coordination of fiscal and structural policies and in terms of risk sharing. Such reforms are imperative to lessen the burden on monetary...

    08.06.2016| Presentation by François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de FranceModeratorMarcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for Economic Research
  • Veranstaltung

    Britain’s Role in Europe

    Britain is one of the most important partners of Germany in Europe, yet the upcoming referendum might force the UK out of the EU. Together with invited guests, we want to explore the historical and political aspects of the British-European relationship and discuss the future of Britain and Germany in the EU.

    28.04.2016| Judy Dempsey | Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe Joschka Fischer | Former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany David Lidington | Minister of State for Europe of the United Kingdom Joschka Fischer | Former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany Christian Odendahl | Chief Economist, Centre for European Reform , Marcel Fratzscher
  • Veranstaltung

    IWF-Report zur globalen Finanzmarktstabilität

    Gaston Gelos stellt den im April 2016 veröffentlichten Bericht zur globalen Finanzmarktstabilität vor. Welches Risiko birgt der Versicherungssektor für die Finanzstabilität? Und: Welche internationalen Auswirkungen haben Finanzmarktbewegungen in Schwellenländern?

    26.04.2016| Präsentation: Dr. Gaston Gelos, IWF Internationaler WährungsfondsModeration: Dr. Ferdinand Fichtner, DIW Berlin, Ferdinand Fichtner
  • Veranstaltung

    Development in a time of crisis Speech and discussion with World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

    The world faces challenges for the ages: forced displacement of millions of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, growing concerns about climate change, and preparing for a future pandemic – all during a period of slowing global economic growth. In this time of crisis, development poses direct challenges to the entire global development community, including the World Bank Group (WBG).

    05.04.2016| Introduction by Marcel FratzscherPresident of DIW Berlin and Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance at Humboldt-University, BerlinOpening Remarks by Ursula MüllerGerman Executive Director to the Board of Directors at the World Bank GroupPresentation by Jim Yong KimPresident of the World Bank Group
  • Veranstaltung

    Asian Development Outlook 2016

    Presentation of the Asian Development Outlook 2016 by Juzhong Zhuang, Deputy Chief Economist of ADB. Juzhong Zhuang joined the ADB in 1997, and currently works in the Economics and Research Department. His division produces policy research on long-term development issues facing Asia and the Pacific and supports ADB’s operations to strengthen the economic rationale of its lending and non...

    30.03.2016| Introduction by Marcel Fratzscher, President of DIW BerlinOpening Remarks by Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, Parliamentary State Secretary, BMZ Presentation of the Asian Development Outlook 2016 by Juzhong Zhuang, Deputy Chief Economist of ADB Panel Discussion withLudger Schuknecht, Head of the Directorate General I, Federal Ministry of Finance Jörg Zeuner, Chief Economist at KfW Banking Group and Head of the Economics DepartmentJuzhong Zhuang, Deputy Chief Economist of ADBChair: Marcel Fratzscher, President of DIW Berlin
  • Veranstaltung

    Verteilungskampf - Warum Deutschland immer ungleicher wird

    "Wohlstand für alle" – das ist seit Ludwig Erhard das Credo der deutschen Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik. Doch Deutschland ist an seinem Ideal gescheitert: In unserer Marktwirtschaft wird mit gezinkten Karten gespielt. In kaum einem Industrieland herrscht eine so hohe Ungleichheit, die einen massiven wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Schaden verursacht. Die Investitionen sinken, die Abh...

    14.03.2016| Martin Schulz | Präsident des Europäischen ParlamentesJens Spahn | Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär im Bundesministerium der Finanzen Moderation:Gregor Peter Schmitz | Leiter des Hauptstadtbüros der WirtschaftsWoche, Marcel Fratzscher
  • Veranstaltung

    Tackling Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity in the face of Global Challenges Ahead

    We ended 2015 with good news: For the first time in history, the number of extremely poor people dropped below 10 percent. The new sustainable development goals and the Paris climate deal bring momentum to our effort to lift the remaining 700 million poor out of poverty while generating climate-smart economic growth. Hardly ever before did so many governments, businesses, international...

    09.02.2016| Sri Mulyani IndrawatiManaging Director and Chief Operating Officer of the World Bank , Marcel Fratzscher
  • Berlin Lunchtime Meeting

    Zur Zukunft der Produktivität - Innovation und Transformation in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

    Die seit Jahrzehnten schwindende Dynamik der Produktivitätsentwicklung wirft kritische Fragen auf - für die wissenschaftliche Analyse ebenso wie für die politische Gestaltung.  Sie gefährdet nicht nur das langfristige Wirtschaftswachstum.  Sie verschärft auch Diskrepanzen zwischen verschiedenen Wirtschaftssektoren und Unternehmen und damit letztlich regionale...

    09.12.2015| Christian Kastrop. Klaus Günther Deutsch, Heino von Meyer
  • Veranstaltung

    Flucht nach Deutschland

    Was muss geschehen, um anerkannten Flüchtlingen und geduldeten Zuwanderern in Deutschland schneller Zugang zu Bildung, Arbeit, Wohnungen und gesellschaftlichen Aktivitäten zu ermöglichen? Wie soll die Politik auf Bundes-, Landes-, und kommunaler Ebene agieren? Wie nutzt die Wirtschaft die Chancen und wie begegnet sie den Herausforderungen durch die hohe Zahl potenzieller neuer...

    27.11.2015| Anke Hassel, Armin Laschet, Jörg Rocholl
  • Veranstaltung

    Wissenschaft und Beratung - Einklang oder Widerspruch?

    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bert Rürup  ist seit 2013 Präsident das Handelsblatt Research Institute und seit April 2010 Vorsitzender des Kuratoriums des DIW Berlin. Von 2000 bis 2009 war er Mitglied des Sachverständigenrats zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung und bis 2009 Professor an der TU Darmstadt.Prof. Dr. Axel A. Weber ist Verwaltungsratspräsident der UBS...

  • Berlin Lunchtime Meeting

    Vorstellung des Jahresgutachtens 2015/2016 des Sachverständigenrates zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung

    Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Christoph M. SchmidtModeration: Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, Ph.D. 12.00 bis 13.15 Uhr mit anschließendem MittagsimbissWir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme und bitten um Ihre verbindliche Anmeldung an events@diw.de

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